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Our Mission

The mission of Conservative Review® is to provide best-in-class analysis and commentary on conservative political speech, votes, positions, and elections.


At some point or another, every voter has felt like they have been duped - sold a fake bill of goods. Politicians and candidates run ads telling conservatives what they want to hear because campaign ads, like it or not, work. Politicians are selling a product, themselves, to you the voter. To cut through the talking points and the smoke and mirrors, Conservative Review® employs two main tools: the Liberty Score® and our in-depth profiles.

If you want to know where your member of Congress stands on the conservative spectrum,

What is the Liberty Score®?

The Conservative Review® Liberty Score® grades members of Congress using long-term voting records. A letter grade is assigned to each member to help you quickly determine if a lawmaker is supporting conservative principles.  The Liberty Score® is one of the primary tools Conservative Review® uses to help separate rhetoric from reality.

Member Profiles

Conservative Review® not only gathers information about critical and revealing votes in Congress, but maintains in-depth Member Profiles.

Member Profiles include a comprehensive review of every senator that scores above a 15% on the Liberty Score® and every representative that scores above a 30%.  A member of Congress is not just a vote; each member has the opportunity to serve as a voice for the conservative cause of constitutional governance.  Conservative Review® analyzes how each member has served as both a vote and a voice for conservatism.

Election Information

Many candidates and incumbents runs as a conservative.  Unfortunately, conservative voters have learned that conservative rhetoric does not always translate to conservative representation.  Who are the true conservative candidates running for Congress, and most important, for the GOP presidential nomination?  What are their strong issues? What are their weak issues?  Look to Conservative Review® for commentary and information on conservative candidates and federal elections.



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