About Conservative Review

About Conservative Review

At some point or another, every voter has felt like they have been duped - sold a fake bill of goods. Politicians and candidates run ads telling conservatives what they want to hear because campaign ads, like it or not, work. Politicians are selling a product, themselves, to you the voter.

To cut through the talking points and the smoke and mirrors, Conservative Review® employs two main tools: the Liberty Score® and our conservative commentary.

Liberty Score®

Politicians don’t always vote for the promises they made while campaigning.

  • Liberty Score® Is a Letter Grade
  • Top 50 Votes Over The Past Six Years
  • Higher Grade = Better Conservative


Our nation’s sovereignty, society, and security are under assault. Politicians use platitudes and hollow promises to convince voters they'll return our nation to its founding principles. Conservative Review goes beyond empty political rhetoric to ‘trust, but verify.’ Using its Liberty Score, no-holds-barred analysis, and commentary, Conservative Review is the conservative gold standard.
Mark Levin, LevinTV