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By: John Gray

Why in the world do American taxpayers continue to subsidize this ineffective and leftist global organization?

By: John Gray

We should be encouraging the qualities that allow individuals to flourish and better themselves.

By: John Gray

Let’s finally get spending, regulations, and Obamacare under control.

By: John Gray

With better environments elsewhere, it’s no wonder businesses are packing up.

By: John Gray

No other Cabinet official has this much sway over the federal budget.

By: John Gray

This person will have influence over every agency.

By: John Gray

Can’t liberals just admit their candidate was horrible?

So much for being a titan of liberalism.

By: John Gray

And all so you can prop up a failing government program!

By: John Gray

Summers may not like Trump’s conservative, pro-limited government tax proposal, but the merits of Trump’s plan should be fairly and equally debated so that beneficial compromise or legitimate changes to the plan can materialize

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Author's Biography

John Gray is one of the conservative movement’s leading economic minds. He spent years on Capitol Hill working for Senator Rand Paul, the House Republican Conference under Chairman Mike Pence, and the House Budget Committee. He authored a number of significant legislative proposals, including three balanced budget resolutions. As policy advisor, he provided analysis on budget, taxes, transportation, and economic policies to the GOP Conference. He has also worked at the Heritage Foundation.