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By: Robert Eno

Hang with CRTV on this historic day … when Obama finally gets the #$@% out of the White House!

By: Robert Eno

Did her husband commit a terrorist attack or not?

By: Robert Eno

If you aren’t watching Crowder already, you should be!


By: Robert Eno

It may be time for BuzzFeed to hang up its attempts at so-called “journalism.”

By: Robert Eno

America will be relieved when the ink in his pen runs dry.

By: Robert Eno

Esteban Santiago is the latest example of a threat known by the FBI before perpetrating an attack.

By: Robert Eno

If the media are going to get jumpy over Trump following the Constitution, this is going to be a long eight years.

By: Robert Eno

No matter what happens during the Trump presidency, one thing remains constant: Dan Rather lecturing on the media and lies is absurd on its face.

By: Robert Eno

There is nothing new about superpowers trying to mess with each other.

By: Robert Eno

Here’s to the novel notion that people can live their own lives.

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Author's Biography

Robert Eno is the Director of Research for Conservative Review, who breaks down the numbers and trends in politics. He is a conservative from deep blue Massachusetts but now lives in Greenville, SC.  He is also a fill in radio host and appears on television.  Follow him @robeno.