Conservative Review - RELEASE: Corker-Cardin Deal Ratifies Obama's Iran Appeasement

Senators Bob Corker and Ben Cardin

Andrew Harnik | AP Photo

RELEASE: Corker-Cardin Deal Ratifies Obama's Iran Appeasement

By: CR Press | April 14th, 2015

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Apr. 14, 2015                                                                                    
Contact: Rachel Semmel


Washington, D.C.-- By the end of the day, Senate Democrats will prove there is no such thing as a pro-Israel Democrat in the Obama era. Today, Senate Democrats lead by Sen. Ben Cardin, and with the help of Sen. Bob Corker, have agreed to water down a bipartisan Iran bill, which will do nothing to stop Obama's dangerous capitulation to Iran. 

"It is very clear that Democrats are more concerned with protecting Obama than preventing Iran’s path to a nuclear bomb and stopping their endless terrorism.  Democrats committed to supporting sanctions in the event that Iran declines to accept a framework to dismantle their nuclear program.  Yet, instead of following through with their promises, Senate Democrats gutted a simple accountability bill and stripped out any pre-condition that Iran stop engaging in terrorism.  This is how far they will go to protect Obama, proving there is no such thing as a 'pro-Israel' Democrat in the Obama era.     

"Anyone who believes that by giving into these new Democrat demands, Republicans will secure their support to override Obama in any meaningful way in July, I have a bridge to sell you in Iran," said Daniel Horowitz.   

To read about the full implications of the Cardin-Corker agreement and the current state of play with the Iran nuclear agreement, click here. 



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