Conservative Review - U.S. Muslim Population to Triple by 2050 and What it Means for America


U.S. Muslim Population to Triple by 2050 and What it Means for America

By: Daniel Horowitz | April 2nd, 2015

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Last month, CR published a series of articles spotlighting the surge in Muslim immigration to America and noted that, if a stronger vetting process is not instated for immigrants from countries with a large concentrations of fundamentalist Muslims, America could easily head down the dangerous path to balkanization that is now plaguing parts of Europe. 

By 2040, there will be more Muslims in the U.S. than Jews.

As Europe is unfortunately finding out, there is nothing tolerant and pluralistic about admitting radical Muslims who are driven by a hatred of people outside of their religion. In some countries, like France, Jews are now being forced to flee.   

Today, Pew published their biannual projection on world population of major religions, and their findings only reinforce the concerns about letting in more radical Muslims.  Europe will continue to grow its Muslim population, primarily due to fertility rates, according to the Pew projections.  By 2050, 10% of all of Europe’s population will be Muslim, with countries like Sweden and England expected to have an even larger share of Muslims. 

In the U.S., the Muslim population is expected to triple by 2050 – from 2.77 million to 8.1 million. It is expected to double in just 15 years. 

By 2040, there will be more Muslims in the U.S. than Jews. As Pew notes, this is partially due to fertility rates but is primarily based on projections of massive Muslim immigration, which as noted before, is already hovering around 100,000 per year. 

One might be asking, what is the problem with this?  What are the long-term implications of these numbers?  

To quote the words of Hirsi Ali, a moderate Muslim reformer who emigrated here from Somalia, from a riveting op-ed she wrote at Time Magazine on this topic:

As an immigrant of Somali origin, I have no objection to other people coming to America to seek a better life for themselves and their families. My concern is with the attitudes many of these new Muslim Americans will bring with them – and with our capacity for changing those attitudes. Approximately two fifths of Muslim immigrants between now and 2030 will be from just three countries: Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Iraq. Another Pew study – of opinion in the Muslim world – shows just how many people in these countries hold views that most Americans would regard as extreme. Three quarters of Pakistanis and more than two fifths of Bangladeshis and Iraqis think that those, like me, who leave Islam should suffer the death penalty. More than 80 percent of Pakistanis and two thirds of Bangladeshis and Iraqis regard sharia law as the revealed word of God. Only tiny fractions would be comfortable if their daughters married Christians. Only a minority regards honor killings of women as never justified. A quarter of Bangladeshis and one in eight Pakistanis think that suicide bombings in defense of Islam are often or sometimes justified. People with views such as these pose a threat to us all, not because those who hold them will all turn to terrorism. Most will not. But such attitudes imply a readiness to turn a blind eye to the use of violence and intimidation tactics against, say, apostates and dissidents – and a clear aversion to the hard-won achievements of Western feminists and campaigners for minority rights.

Ali hones in on an inconvenient truth, but one for which she can speak with authority. 

It’s true that few Muslims, even from the most volatile nations, are actual terrorist operatives.  However, as we’ve seen from Europe, when there is a large immigration of people who don’t adhere to the same value sets as their new country, like tolerance and democracy, the risk is run of undermining culture and creating reverse assimilation.  That culture of Sharia law, which by the way, is hostile to women and gays, can help cultivate a counter-culture that fosters support for Jihad. 

Ali drives this point home:

According to a detailed survey of Muslim Americans, about 8% of those surveyed said that suicide bombing and other violence is often or sometimes justified to defend Islam from its enemies. Indeed, more than a fifth of Muslim Americans say there is a great deal or a fair amount of support for extremism in the Muslim American community. About 20% say that Muslim Americans want to remain “distinct from the larger American society.” Indeed, half say they think of themselves first as a Muslim, second as American, despite the fact that 81% of those polled were U.S. citizens.

Then again, self-immolation is always a characteristic of those who are driven by hate and intolerance.

This Pew survey and the Hirsi Ali column are very salient in light of the domestic imbroglio America is engaged in with regard to religious liberty and the aggressive coercion tactics of the radical sexual identity movement.  The sexual identity movement is engaging in Religophobia against religious Christians and Jews who don’t heed that movement’s demand to have their personal decisions supported by others with their private property or involuntary servitude.  What does the sexual identity movement plan to do when the Muslim population of this country triples, and with it the inevitable rise of true intolerance?  Whereas religious Jews and Christians are tolerant and know how to disagree agreeably and intelligently, many of these newly arrived Muslim immigrants will not operate with as much tolerance. 

Ironically, the biggest threat to the broader homosexual agenda is the growth of adherence to Sharia law, yet some of the same leftists who are attacking religious groups have promoted the very policies that have created a surge in immigration from countries that don’t share the modern Judea-Christian virtue of tolerance.  They tolerate the intolerant and are intolerant to those who are tolerant. 

Then again, self-immolation is always a characteristic of those who are driven by hate and intolerance.     

Daniel Horowitz is the Senior Editor of Conservative Review. Follow him on Twitter @RMConservative.

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