Conservative Review - Why George Will Crossed the Line on Huckabee


Why George Will Crossed the Line on Huckabee

By: Steve Deace | May 14th, 2015

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Let’s begin with a multiple-choice question.

Suppose you heard there was a column in the Leftist Washington Post op-ed page that condescendingly referred to an evangelical Christian political candidate’s campaign as “an appalling crusade” and an “embarrassment.” That also mocked the candidate for wanting to “take back this nation for Christ,” and for believing we’re seeing more violence and nihilism in our culture because we’ve taken God out of the public square?

Whom would you assume that column was written by?

A) Rachel Maddow

B) Richard Dawkins

C) Bill Maher

D) None of the above

If you answered “D” you would be correct. Unfortunately, in this case “none of the above” turned out to be perhaps the most distinguished “conservative” pundit of his era. 

The illustrious George Will. 

It’s so full of scorn, contempt, and out-of-context attacks on Christianity it could’ve been published at Salon or Media Matters.

There’s brutally honest vetting of 2016 candidates on the issues like we do here at Conservative Review with our Presidential Profiles, and then there’s below-the-belt sucker punches that serve no purpose in a reasonable debate. Other than revealing the true character (or lack thereof) of its author. I won’t even call Will’s recent screed a hit piece, because that would be an insult to hit pieces. It’s so full of scorn, contempt, and out-of-context attacks on Christianity it could’ve been published at Salon or Media Matters.

Perhaps if one looks closer at the fine print below Will’s byline you’d see the words “sponsored by George Soros.”

It is perfectly fine to question if someone’s professed ideology is in line with their stated positions and/or record. Will does that by questioning Huckabee’s support for ethanol, which I don’t agree with, and that’s fair game. That is Huckabee’s record, and thus his record to defend. But when you mock a public figure for wanting people to pray for our leaders, or lamenting the loss of spirituality and morality in America, as Will does in his polemic, you are not just mocking that public figure (Huckabee). You are also mocking the largest segment of the American population—Christians. Of which, evangelicals like Huckabee are its largest subset. The very same people who are the loyal foot soldiers of the conservative movement that Will claims to represent. The very same people who helped make Will a wealthy man by consuming his commentary for decades. If Will’s fiscal conservatism is offended by Huckabee, there are certainly things reasonable people can criticize Huckabee for in that regard, and urge him to explain. Although many in the media credit me for playing a key role in Huckabee’s surprising 2008 Iowa Caucus victory, I’ve been on record doing just that in the past week.

Will’s problem with Huckabee isn’t ideological, it is spiritual. Will, an atheist, is one of those elitist thinkers who are so smart they think all of human existence literally came from nothing and serves no purpose. This is what amounts to “intellect” in the 202 and 212 area codes Will rarely if ever ventures beyond—believing in nothing and holding nothing but oneself sacred. 

Huckabee has his faults as a presidential candidate, but his sincere desire to see our civilization return to its spiritual roots is not one of them.

Atheist “conservatives” like Will are the most confused people in the public square. For they spend their lives and careers defending ideals whose premise they also reject. Frankly, progressives are more intellectually honest and consistent. They begin by rejecting a sovereign God as authoritative and then take that premise to its most logical conclusions. It takes a certain level of cognitive dissonance to want to conserve a society birthed in God-given rights if you don’t actually believe in God.

Nonetheless, if atheists like Will wish to be co-belligerents in the cause of liberty, those of us still bitterly clinging to our guns and our religion will gladly take the help. We have welcomed the likes of Will into our big tent with open arms, and even paid him handsomely for his efforts. And how are we repaid for our generosity?

With a God-hating putdown of our beliefs in the editorial pages of a progressive news outlet. Because, unity.

Will’s column illustrates why the Republican Party as we’ve known it is hanging by a thread. A house divided against itself cannot stand. Why would any sincere Christian want to be attached to anything whose figureheads use the platform you provide them to insult you with propaganda you’d expect to see from your opposition? What is to be gained by advancing the ambitions and interests of people who have now let it be known they despise you and what you stand for?

With “friends” like Will, who needs people like MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry?

Huckabee has his faults as a presidential candidate, but his sincere desire to see our civilization return to its spiritual roots is not one of them. Even libertarian Rand Paul has been calling for “revival. 

The difference, though, is atheists like Will are hoping most GOP candidates are just “playing the game” to win over enough Christian dolts voters to win. Then once in office they will immediately abandon those religious simpletons, and begin currying favor with Will and the intelligentsia. To elites like Will, conservative Christians are not part of a team. We are like children—better to be seen and not heard.

However, the sincerity of Huckabee’s Christian faith threatens God-haters like Will, for they assume he will actually attempt to do something about all his crazy religious talk if elected. They fear Huckabee would use the bully pulpit to capably speak to the darkening hearts of the people, and atheists such as Will would prefer to “suppress the truth in their unrighteousness” rather than bow the knee to their Creator.

At least Will has done us one valuable service here.

He has reminded us yet again that there are no political solutions to spiritual problems. That without a repeat of the Great Awakenings that gave birth to our freedom our freedom will be lost. That salvation is not found in a political party nor a worldly ideology. And that men like Will claim to be for liberty, but do nothing to defend the Constitution when it’s abandoned to criminalize Christianity as is happening now.

Will, and so-called “conservatives” of similar ilk, will do nothing to stand between Christians and the progressive persecution to come. Instead, they will graciously hold the cell door open as the progressives put us inside, and then lecture us in the Leftist media saying it was for our own good.


Steve Deace is a nationally-syndicated talk show host and also the author of the new book “Rules for Patriots: How Conservatives Can Win Again.” You can “like” him on Facebook or follow him on Twitter @SteveDeaceShow.  

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