Conservative Review - Ayotte Demands Ted Cruz Produce 67 Votes To Fight for Life

Kelly Ayotte and Mitch McConnell

Tom Williams | AP Photo

Ayotte Demands Ted Cruz Produce 67 Votes To Fight for Life

By: Amanda Carpenter | September 18th, 2015

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It used to be the case that members of Congress were expected to vote their conscience on the most important issues of the day. A letter that New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte wrote to Sen. Ted Cruz regarding the funding of Planned Parenthood shows how far Washington has gone astray from that mode of thinking.

After stating how “deeply disturbed” she was by the videos depicting grotesque and likely criminal abortion methods employed by Planned Parenthood, Ayotte gets to the main point of her letter.  “I oppose risking a government shutdown, particularly when there is no chance of achieving a successful result.”

As disturbing as the videos are, she cannot be convinced it’s worth risking a shutdown unless Ted Cruz can tell her, right now, how he will produce 67 votes to overcome a presidential veto. (Strangely enough, in the same letter she questions why he is circulating a letter to drum up support for those said votes.)

What a profile in courage. Kelly Ayotte, and very likely many other senators who supported her in writing this letter to Cruz, won’t support defunding Planned Parenthood unless Ted Cruz can assure them of a preordained victory. 

Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn, Texas Republican, is also opposing another shutdown because,It hurts the whole Republican brand. We need to win the election."

 But, if Kelly Ayotte and John Cornyn can’t be persuaded by moral arguments, let me offer a political one.

At the behest of GOP leaders such as Mitch McConnell, John Cornyn, and others the GOP approval rating is the worst it’s been in decades, with only 32% approving. In fact, it’s now 6 points lower since Congress was in the middle of a shutdown in October 2013.

So much for their strategy.

Amanda Carpenter is a Contributing Editor at Conservative Review, former Communications Director to Sen. Ted Cruz, and former Speechwriter to Sen. Jim DeMint. She is also a CNN contributor. Follow her on Twitter @AmandaCarpenter

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