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The Criminal Alien Emergency: American Lives Matter

By: Daniel Horowitz | November 2nd, 2015

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There seems to be a grievance group that has successfully attracted the attention of all or a portion of the political class for any perceived injustice under the sun.  But why is it that nobody in the political class finds a need to act with urgency to protect American lives from violent illegal aliens?  Why are American victims of violence from illegal aliens the only group that garners no attention from the media or politicians?  

Yesterday, a group of families who’ve lost loved ones at the hands of illegal aliens met in Yorba Linda, California for their annual “National Remembrance Day,” an event sponsored by The Remembrance Project – the only organization that gives voice to these grieving families.  While all lives cut short at the hands of murderers are “stolen lives” and represent a tragedy for those families and our nation, deaths at the hands of illegal aliens are even more egregious because they are so preventable.  In fact, all too often these murders are the direct result of federal or state malfeasance, sanctuary city and sanctuary nation policies.

On Friday, the Obama Justice Department began releasing the first tranche of 6,000 felons from federal prison, which will include 2,000 criminal aliens.   How many more Americans will be killed or injured as a result of this policy?  

Imagine how many more criminal aliens have never been arrested, convicted, or ordered deported?

We need not speculate.  Obama has already released 66,000 criminal aliens in FY 2013 and 2014.  Who knows how many more he has recently released.   The released illegal immigrants had a total of 166,000 convictions on their collective rap sheets: 30k DUIs, 414 kidnappings, 11,000 sex assaults, 395 homicides.  At least 121 of them went on to commit more murders after being released. 

According to DHS, there are an estimated 179,027 illegal aliens with criminal convictions at large in the country who have already been ordered deported.   And those are just the ones ordered deported.  There are an estimated 2.1 million illegal and legal immigrants convicted of crimes in this country, but 1.2 million criminal aliens remain at large in the U.S. Imagine how many more criminal aliens have never been arrested, convicted, or ordered deported? 

There is no greater threat to our public safety and our sovereignty than the growing population of criminal aliens, yet Obama is continuing to encourage more illegal immigration and is refusing to deport even criminal aliens.  A recently revealed report from Customs and Border Protection shows that most recent arrivals have come here under the impression that they will never be deported and will be entitled to the full array of benefits.

As an aside, this report blows up the false choice propagated by the open border crowd of mass and complete deportation vs. amnesty.  If we simply enforced the laws and reasserted congressional plenary power over the harmful acts of the executive branch and the lawless courts, the incentive that invites illegal aliens would evaporate.

It’s not enough for Ryan to merely promise not to add lighter fluid to the fire by passing legislative amnesty. He must lead the fight to put out this raging fire.

Meanwhile, the courts are granting illegal aliens the right to bail, even though they represent a consummate flight risk.  A number of these individuals have gone on to commit more heinous crimes, including one case in which an illegal alien beat a two-year-old girl to within an inch of her life.  They have tossed out state laws passed by Arizona to prevent violent aliens from being released on bail.  Now they are violating congress’ plenary power over immigration and the people’s control of their own sovereignty by mandating the release of even more criminal aliens. 

Where is Congress?  Where is Paul Ryan?  Why is this not a national emergency?

As noted last week, it’s not enough for Ryan to merely promise not to add lighter fluid to the fire by passing legislative amnesty.  He must lead the fight to put out this raging fire.  Yet, just today, Congressional Quarterly has published an article titled, “Obama, Ryan Speak Same Language on Criminal Justice Overhaul.”  Meaning, not only won’t he fight Obama’s mass prison break, which includes a substantial number of illegal aliens, he will champion it.   

In the coming weeks, look for Ryan to focus on stand-alone conservative fiscal policy, now that he has caved on all the must-pass bills which could have been used as vehicles to force some fiscal changes.  Now, there is no leverage to pass these bills and we lack the bully pulpit of the presidency to promote major tax and welfare changes.  But it is too much to ask that Republicans in Congress harness this 90-10 issue of criminal aliens and protect public safety from those who are prohibited from being in this country?

If conservatives don’t push for a major funding fight in December against Obama’s release of criminal aliens, more innocent Americans will die on the altar of political correctness.           

Daniel Horowitz is a Senior Editor of Conservative Review. Follow him on Twitter @RMConservative.

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