Trump gestures shrugs not a care in the world

John Minchillo | AP Photo

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Donald Trump is difficult to pin down on several issues. He’s changed his position on banning “assault” weapons, on abortion, on amnesty, and apparently on women in combat as well.

Just what is his position on women serving in combat roles?

Back in August of 2015, the billionaire businessman came out in support of women in combat. Appearing on CNN with Chris Cuomo, Trump said he would support women in combat roles because “they’re really into it.”

“The answer is yes because they're really into it. And some of them are really, really good at it… I would really speak to the generals, because I would want to hear that without a political bent. To the public, they say, 'yes, yes, yes,' but I would want to hear it without the political bent."

Trump went on to cite Rhonda Rousey as an example of a woman who is just as fit to fight as any man. This is a position contrary to the position he held later that same year in December. Trump, appearing on CBS News, said that there are “major problems” with women in the military. Noting that "there are many people who think it shouldn't be done at a high level, at a level of general,” Trump said:

"I think that it's a very tricky situation. Will it work out? I hope so. I can say this: The numbers of rapes in the military are through the roof, through the roof."

Increasing reports of rape in the military have led several people to question the wisdom of allowing women to serve. Including Mr. Trump himself, in a tweet from 2013.

Trump railed against the policy as a politically correct move forced on the military by “dumb” politicians.

Until Mr. Trump clarifies his position, are conservatives to assume that now he supports women in the military because he too wants to be “politically C?” Or is Mr. Trump another one of these “dumb” politicians?

Chris Pandolfo is a writer for the CR Wire. He holds a B.A. in Politics and Economics from Hillsdale College. His interests are Conservative Political Philosophy, the American Founding, and Progressive Rock. You can tweet angry pejoratives to him @cpandolfo2128.