Trump gestures shrugs not a care in the world

John Minchillo | AP Photo

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Enough with this punk.

It was late Tuesday night when Donald Trump tweeted that he would “spill the beans” on Ted Cruz’s wife because a Super PAC totally unaffiliated with Cruz published an ad with a nude photo of Trump’s third wife.

Because that’s what you hope a grown man is doing in the middle of the night at the end of a long day on the campaign trail: trolling innocent parties with social media temper tantrums like some kind of snot-nosed, high school kid cyber-bully.

Never mind that Melania Trump freely posed for that photo in GQ magazine. Never mind that when it comes to Heidi Cruz, there are no beans to spill. Never mind that it was just weeks ago that Trump tweeted racy modelling photos of Megyn Kelly while calling her a bimbo. Never mind that Trump followed that up Wednesday night by tweeting a disgusting picture attacking Heidi Cruz for her looks. Come to think of it, I see a pattern here. I can’t imagine why Trump’s favorables with women are a deplorable minus 33.

Never mind that lying and acting like a loathsome knuckle-dragger is the same thing as breathing for the 70-year old Trump.

The Trump cult is in love with those things. It has determined that Trump’s hypocrisy is preferable to the hypocrisies of the GOP establishment. In fact, it has been determined that his hypocrisies are necessary to blow up the system they hate so much. Because that always works, doesn’t it? Using cancer to beat a cancer just equals more cancer.

Yet why is Trump so afraid to debate Cruz one-on-one like a real man, but is more than willing to carelessly scandalize his wife? At this point Occam’s razor is screaming the answer at us.

He’s a fraud. A hack. A con. And it’s high time we pull back the curtain on this new age Wizard of Oz and drop a house on him.

Remember, Trump has actually told you that he can and will be anything he needs to be. Most of the time that means checking the pulse of the mob and then ranting and raving accordingly.

In fact, Trump’s faux populist fan club is actually calling all the shots right now. It is the ventriloquist and Trump is the cackling dummy on its lap. Think of a guy wearing a wife beater and drinking a 40-ounce of Busch Light, who has managed to reach his arm up the backside of an empty Armani suit and spout trailer park riddles learned while watching stolen cable re-runs of “Sons of Anarchy.”

That is Donald Trump’s campaign.

The attack by Trump on Cruz’s wife is symbolic of all the innocent people who stand to be steamrolled in this 70-year-old man-child’s quest for the ultimate notch on his bedpost.

He’s trolling rural, whitey ‘Murica to fuel his own feckless ambitions. Taking for granted a bunch of Leftist stereotypes of flyover country are really true after all, just like all the other East Coast liberal elitists that Trump has supported throughout his Peter Pan existence.

Once Trump gets the White House, though, say goodbye to such a symbiotic relationship between dumb and dumber.

The attack by Trump on Cruz’s wife is symbolic of all the innocent people who stand to be steamrolled in this 70-year-old man-child’s quest for the ultimate notch on his bedpost. He is ultimately trying to bed America like all the other fornications and affairs he’s bragged about, so he can show it off to his sycophants and fanboys who are even more pathetic than he.

He is not in this for you. He is not in this to make America great again. He is the next in a long line with empire-builders who are lost souls that believe “he who dies with the most toys wins.” But then literally moments after they’re put in the dirt virtually no one remembers who they were anymore.

With that said, there is no longer any point to statements from Cruz that he will support Trump if he is the eventual Republican nominee. Those days may or may not have been mistaken to begin with, but continuing on that path is simply indefensible and undignified now.

Bullies can’t be coddled, reasoned with, or risen above. I was bullied growing up, and I grew up with a bully in my home. And whether it’s your lunch money, your wallet, your manhood, or your nation — all bullies must be treated the same way.

They must be throttled.

It’s not a matter of vengeance. It’s a matter of justice.

Let’s be honest: Cruz could secure the GOP nomination right now if he landed a right cross on Trump’s jaw for what he just did. The polls would change overnight. Remember all that stuff about how great Trump is because “he’s a fighter” and he “tells it like it is”? Fine. I see your Trump’s fake goonery and raise you a righteous fist.

We are starving for truth and justice but there is so little solid food out there. Many Americans don’t believe it exists anymore, which perhaps explains the Trump cult more than anything. When Captain America is seemingly nowhere to be found, pretty soon you start thinking that Loki looks pretty good.

There is precious little time left to escape that suicidal trajectory, but there is still hope. The state of Utah saw beyond the pile of garbage that was being sold to them as candy and voted accordingly this week. Now it is Wisconsin’s turn to plant a flag for a true conservative champion on April 5 and then, ironically, things head to Lord Trump of the Flies’ home state, New York, on April 19.

Maybe the people who know him best will explain to their country what alleged evangelicals in the so-called “Bible Belt” failed to comprehend:

This joke isn’t funny anymore, but the joke is on us.

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