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Secretary of State John Kerry is Ben Rhodes’ useful idiot. That is the most generous conclusion one can come to after news broke of the Secretary’s frustration with Europe’s reluctance to do business with the world’s leading state sponsor of jihad, the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Sec. Kerry believes that European businesses are refusing to trade with the Iranians for (feigned) fear that they might run afoul of U.S. sanctions against the “moderate” mullahocracy were they to engage in commerce.

Let Sec. Kerry be clear: Iran is “open for business.” “If they [the Europeans] don’t see a good business deal, they shouldn’t say, ‘Oh, we can’t do it because of the United States.’ That’s just not fair. That’s not accurate,” says the Boston Brahmin with a heart of gold.

But Sec. Kerry’s rhetoric, meant to insulate America against such criticism, is not about defending America’s interests. It is actually about defending Iran’s.

Sec. Kerry today is aiding, abetting and enabling Iran through encouraging economic activity the proceeds of which will be used to underwrite jihad.

For Sec. Kerry is speaking out because he is feeling the heat from our friends in Tehran. As the Washington Post details:

The top U.S. diplomat’s comments came as the U.S. works to address Iran’s complaints that it hasn’t received the sanctions relief it was promised in exchange for rolling back its nuclear program. Under the deal, broad U.S. sanctions on Iran’s economy were removed, clearing the way for foreign companies to do business with most Iranian companies.

Yet some specific Iranian entities, including companies associated with Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, are still off-limits under sanctions punishing Iran for other behavior. And the U.S. maintains a prohibition on Iran accessing the American financial system or directly conducting transactions in U.S. dollars, fueling confusion and practical impediments given that international transactions routinely cross through the U.S. banking system.

Sec. Kerry trembles at the thought that the Iranians might not think the Americans are honest brokers. Leave aside Iran’s violations of international ballistic missile restrictions, or its near daily anti-American proclamations and threats. Sec. Kerry’s greatest fear of all is that if the Iran Deal unravels, it will be America’s fault.

In a perverse way this fear is rational: Sec. Kerry was responsible for bending beyond even where the French were willing to bend in order to get a deal done with the Iranians. This deal is his legacy, his labor of love, and of course President Obama’s too.

But as we know, the legacy of the deal will not be in its consummation but in its consequences. Sec. Kerry today is aiding, abetting and enabling Iran through encouraging economic activity the proceeds of which will be used to underwrite jihad. Combine the over $100 billion in financial benefits we have already provided the mullahs with our promise to protect Iran’s infrastructure, and it becomes clear that we are in league with the world’s leading state sponsor of terror.

The true legacy of the deal will be the expansion of the Shiite crescent in the Middle East that will make Iran the hegemon in the region. The true legacy of the deal will be the nuclearization of the Muslim world. The true legacy of the deal will be the blood on Iranian hands of Israelis and Americans surely to come. Sec. Kerry’s hands, along with those of others in the Obama administration who fraudulently foisted this deal upon us, will be bloodied too. 

The worse-than-Chamberlainian appeasement of Sec. Kerry is a disgrace and it is dangerous. Not only that, but our acquiescence to an Islamic regime that has been at war with us since 1979 is a reflection of dhimmitude. We are acting in fear and weakness lest we offend our Iranian counterparts, when fear and weakness are exactly the things they least respect and are most apt to prey on.

In the Islamic world, the strong horse wins. The weak horse ends up like the one in The Godfather.

It is a sad commentary when cowardly dhimmitude is the official policy of the American government. We risk ending up like that beheaded horse too the further we go down this perilous path.

Ben Weingarten is Founder & CEO of ChangeUp Media LLC, a media consulting and publication services firm. A graduate of Columbia University, he regularly contributes to publications such as City Journal, The Federalist, Newsmax and PJ Media on national security/defense, economics and politics. You can follow him on Facebook and Twitter.