Transgender Restroom Sign

Toby Talbot | AP Photo

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When asked about the Obama administration’s new executive decree Friday advising all U.S. public school districts to allow transgender students to use the bathroom of their choice, Donald Trump was mum.

The order is not law, but if schools don’t comply the White House warns that they could face a lawsuit or lose federal funding.

Trump doesn’t seem to think that’s a big deal, saying he doesn’t have an opinion on the issue yet. Trump added that he believes the decision should be “left to the states.”

Fox News Insider reports:

Trump said this has become a "massive story" despite it only affecting a "tiny, tiny" percentage of the population.

"It's a new issue and right now I just don't have an opinion. like to see the states make that decision," he said in a phone interview on Fox and Friends.

Trump said last month that he did not agree with North Carolina passing a law stating that people must use the bathroom that corresponds to their gender at birth. 

He argued that the state created a huge economic backlash to address an issue where there has been "little trouble."

Earlier in the interview, Trump was more in his comfort zone talking about a “bombshell report” about the Clinton Foundation giving $2 million to an energy company owned by a friend of the Clintons.

As the presumptive Republican nominee, shouldn’t Trump have a more solid opinion on this polarizing issue?

Phil Shiver is a writer for the CR Wire. His interests are Christian Ministry, Common Sense Politics, and anything active. Follow him on Twitter @kpshiver3.