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In case you missed it, House Democrats staged a sit-in Wednesday to push for gun sale restrictions. They vowed to stay on the House floor until Republicans allow a vote on gun control legislation, in what they called an “unprecedented” move.

But the political endeavor quickly turned into a running internet joke once pictures emerged from the House chambers. The “sit-in” started to look more like a daycare with Democrats throwing a temper tantrum.

CR’s Steve Deace summed up the situation best, in a way that only he can:

Then, conservatives on Twitter took a stab at characterizing the tantrum:

To be honest, the image above, though meant as a swipe, is way more dignified than what was actually happening within the Congressional chambers Wednesday.

This is more accurate:

Well, actually, even that offers the daycare Democrats a little too much respect.

CR’s Rob Eno suggested the House Dems make better use of their time while they sit around on the floor. Anyone up for a game of duck duck goose?