Dump Trump Signs at Trump Protest

Noah Berger | AP Photo

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San Jose has been a declared illegal alien sanctuary city since 2007. So it’s no surprise that lawlessness and anarchy reigned yesterday at a rally for Donald Trump.

The anti-Trump mobsters were so brazen in their bloody attacks that even the liberal media could not avert its collective eyes or whitewash the assaults away.

Heckuva job, SJPD chief. Not: 


I’ve chronicled the progressive Left’s climate of hate for nearly two decades now while liberal journalists looked the other way and Democrats rushed to Blame Righty for every last random outbreak of violence.

The open-borders mob has been openly menacing America for years.

My friend Tammy Bruce has it exactly right: 


Naturally, the liberal Dem mayor of San Jose is blaming the victims:

Law-abiding citizens outside of California should strike San Jose off their travel lists.


Residents of the city, meanwhile, should demand answers and accountability:

Michelle Malkin