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Dylan Matthews, a writer for the left-wing publication Vox, tweeted out Thursday that he wants to give the president power to “unilaterally ban [all Americans] from buying guns.”

It’s funny that he specifically says “(hopefully everyone!)” because that phrase alludes to one of the glaring problems with his and other Dems’ proposals. Which is this: you can be “hopeful” all you want but the bad guys, the criminals, will always get the guns one way or another.

His comments, of course, come in response to the ensuing gun control debate following the terrorist attack at a gay night club in Orlando. Democratic lawmakers are calling for restrictions on guns, including not letting Americans on the “no-fly” list to purchase a firearm.

Problem is, you cannot constitutionally restrict a citizen’s rights without due process, which is exactly what Dems want to do – people can be placed on the “no-fly” list without evidence or trial.

But Matthews takes it WAY further by saying he wants the executive to wield the power to ban all guns to all people and conservatives on Twitter are taking him to school over it.


Some even went to character assassination:

But others thought this was unnecessary given how objectionable his opinions usually are:

Lastly this Twitter user offered a sobering rebuke to Matthews’ line of thinking:

Phil Shiver is a writer for the CR Wire. His interests are Christian Ministry, Common Sense Politics, and anything active. Follow him on Twitter @kpshiver3.