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The Black Lives Matter platform has been released, and its demands will SHOCK you. Now we see BLM for the socialist, class warfare-driven organization that it is.

It would appear the movement was never truly about black lives or human dignity. It has always been about “political power,” and now the group is saying as much.

The platform intro admits: “While this platform is focused on domestic policies, we know that patriarchy, exploitative capitalism, militarism, and white supremacy know no borders. We stand in solidarity with our international family against the ravages of global capitalism and anti-Black racism, human-made climate change, war, and exploitation." 

Sound anything like the leftist agenda of the Democratic Party? Coincidence, I’m sure. 

How about this?

BLM says they advocate for “women, queer, trans, femmes, gender nonconforming, Muslim, formerly and currently incarcerated, cash poor and working class, differently-abled, undocumented, and immigrant” in order for all black lives to be “liberated.”

Well, without further ado, here are the five most unsettling demands in the platform (and there are plenty more than just these):

  1. “End the War” including: “The demilitarization of law enforcement AND an “immediate end to the privatization of police.”
  2. "Reparations" including: “full and free [educational] access,” “guaranteed minimum livable income,” and legislation that “requires the U.S. to acknowledge the lasting impacts of slavery” and address it.
  3. "Community Control": “Direct democratic community control of local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies, ensuring that communities most harmed by destructive policing have the power to hire and fire officers, determine disciplinary action, control budgets and policies, and subpoena relevant agency information.”
  4. “Invest-Divest” including: “The retroactive decriminalization, immediate release and record expungement of all drug related offenses and prostitution.”
  5. “Economic Justice” including: “A progressive restructuring of tax codes to ensure a radical and sustainable redistribution of wealth” AND “Federal and state job programs specifically [for] marginalized Black people.”

You can probably see a common thread throughout the demands – the end of law and order, paybacks, and increased government control. The BLM’s radical goal is to receive reparations and handouts in every sector of life, with the government being the one in power to administer those entitlements.

What BLM fails to understand is that the solution – a government-centered entitlement society – is what has actually suppressed the black community for so long. Increasing the government's control over their lives will NOT solve their "problems."

Phil Shiver is a writer for the CR Wire. His interests are Christian Ministry, Common Sense Politics, and anything active. Follow him on Twitter @kpshiver3.