Huma Abedin red light

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Anthony Weiner is a creep. Everyone knows he’s a creep. No one is surprised he’s still a creep. And the fact that top Clinton aide Huma Abedin is finally separating from him is a non-story and media scapegoat that allows the bigger scandal surrounding Abedin’s ties to anti-women, pro-Islamic groups to go unnoticed by most.

The New York Post reported Sunday that Saleha Abedin, Huma’s mother, translated and edited a shockingly anti-women book published by the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs.

“Written by her Saudi colleague Fatima Naseef, the book explains that the stoning and lashing of adulterers, the killing of apostates, sexual submissiveness and even female genital mutilation are all permissible practices ­under Sharia law,” writes Paul Sperry for the Post.

The book is also permissive of marital rape and child marriage while it condemns women in positions of authority in the workplace and laws that promote equal treatment for both genders. In the realm of equal rights, women are allowed, however, to “participate in fighting when jihad becomes an individual duty.”

Now, lest you think that Saleha Abedin edited the book without endorsing the contents, think again:

On the back cover, Saleha says she is “pleased to launch” the book as part of a series on the study of women’s rights in Islam sponsored by the International Islamic Committee for Woman and Child (IICWC), for which she is listed as chairperson.

Founded by Huma’s mom, the Cairo-based IICWC has advocated for the repeal of Egypt’s Mubarak-era laws in favor of implementing Sharia law, which could allow female genital mutilation, child marriage and marital rape.

“Saleha is paid by the Saudi government to advocate and spread Sharia in non-Muslim countries like America,” concludes Sperry. He goes on to show how, as secretary of state, “women’s rights champ” Hillary Clinton traveled to Saudi Arabia in 2010 to speak at a girls school founded and managed by mother Abedin. The trip was arranged by Clinton’s right-hand woman, Huma:

While there, Clinton formed a partnership with Saleha’s Dar al-Hekma college called the US-Saudi Women’s Forum on Social Entrepreneurship, and prom­ised to reverse post-9/11 curbs on Saudi student visas to America.

The next year, Clinton invited Saleha and the president of the Saudi school to Washington to participate in a State Department colloquium on women, as revealed by internal emails released in response to a lawsuit filed by Judicial Watch.

Will anyone in the mainstream media confront the Democratic presidential candidate and question her about her ties to a hateful and oppressive ideology? Or will the play-by-play of Huma Abedin’s marital problems garner an eternity of media attention as Hillary Clinton coasts to November without mainstream media scrutiny?

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Chris Pandolfo is a writer for the CR Wire. He holds a B.A. in Politics and Economics from Hillsdale College. His interests are Conservative Political Philosophy, the American Founding, and Progressive Rock. Follow him