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Seriously, why do liberals hate us so much? With every new “basket of deplorables” type quote crossing the lips of a prominent American liberal, it becomes clear that their disdain for us is so powerful that it resists camouflage. There are a number of people who have written about this topic, offering theories on the genesis of this liberal hatred for the people they wish to govern. However, one quote from Fred Siegel’s excellent book The Revolt Against the Masses: How Liberalism has Undermined the Middle Class stands out to me. The quote, about early American liberal elites, reads:

They felt that their status in America’s business culture was grossly inadequate given their obviously exceptional intelligence and extraordinary talent. Their simmering anger at what they saw as the mediocrity of democratic life led them to pioneer the now commonplace stance of blaming society for their personal failings. Animated by patrician spirit, they found the leveling egalitarianism of the United States an insult to their sense of self-importance.

Whether it’s Barack Obama’s disparaging comments about Christians and gun owners when he characterized them as bitter-clingers, Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber proud celebration of the intentionally confusing and tortured wording of Obamacare in order to take advantage of “the stupidity of the American voter,” or Barack Obama’s harsh comments directed at successful Americans when he told them “you didn’t build that,” it’s obvious that prominent liberals can no longer mask their hatred for the Americans they wish to lead.

Liberals are convinced that the deplorables must not be allowed to think and choose in a free market.

When you understand the sense of revulsion that drives the elitist liberal to action, everything else makes sense. You will stop asking yourself why they consistently call for higher taxes, despite the fact that taking more of your money, from your wallet, to pad the wallets of government bureaucrats and their crony friends will never make you more prosperous. They want your money because they can’t stand you, and they think you’re too stupid to spend it yourself. If you would only turn over your hard-earned income to them, because they’re intellectually superior and surely can find a better use for the fruits of your labor, then the world would be a far better place; or so they believe.

When you digest liberal’s loathing for you, then you will stop asking yourself why they pushed for, and implemented, a disastrous Obamacare plan which has failed by their own measure. They don’t care about the skyrocketing insurance premiums, the outrageously high deductibles, or the shrinking networks of doctors and hospitals. But, they do care about taking control of the healthcare system through Obamacare’s regulations and mandates because they think you’re just too dumb to figure it out on your own. Liberals are convinced that the deplorables must not be allowed to think and choose in a free market (which is doubly ridiculous considering that the worst possible outcome of a free market would likely be better than the disastrous results Obamacare produced).

And, finally, when you grasp the contempt the elitist liberal has for you, then you will stop asking yourself why liberals defend the current public education monopoly despite its obvious failures. They don’t care about your child’s education because they think you’re too ignorant to choose a school that will actually educate your child. Liberals are convinced that deplorable, bitter, stupid clingers can’t make responsible education choices for their children (despite the fact that our university system is the envy of the world largely because we are free to choose, and that choice creates a healthy competition for students).

I do apologize for the depressing tone of this piece, but we cannot allow liberal charlatans to continue to deceive the American people. Liberals want us to believe that they’re “in it for the little guy” but, candidly, they can’t stand the little guy. Now we just need to convince the average American that what the liberals say about them, they really mean. Sometimes even liberals tell the truth.

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