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Steven Crowder is at it again, nuking liberal lies with facts.

You may not know who Samantha Bee is. A Canadian-American “comedian” — a poor man’s Jon Stewart, if you will — Bee is currently being paraded by the Left for taking a megaphone and yelling “partial-birth abortions aren’t a thing” on her TV show, “Full Frontal” on TBS.   

The problem, as Steven Crowder so deftly proves in his latest video, is that partial-birth abortion is most definitely “a thing.” Arguing anything to the contrary is a B.S. lie.

Watch “Louder with Crowder” expose and destroy those lies with the unvarnished truth: 

Conservative Review’s Nate Madden went into painstaking detail about Hillary Clinton’s abortion lies at the third presidential debate when she dismissed Trump’s stance on late-term abortion.

When it comes to late-term abortion, Trump’s “scare rhetoric” isn’t far off base. Children at this stage of development are typically subjected to one of two procedures to end their life. One is the “dilation and evacuation” (D&E) procedure, in which the baby is methodically ripped apart and taken from the womb, or an “induction procedure,” in which they are soaked in a toxic saline solution that burns them alive. 

And as Crowder points out in his video, an abortionist performing an “intact dilation and extraction” procedure pulls a baby in the second trimester out of the birth canal feet-first, crushes its head, and scrapes any remaining tissue and placenta out of the womb. This procedure was outlawed at the federal level by the 2003 Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act, with staunch opposition from one Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.   

Partial-birth abortion is real, and it’s not a joking matter. We’re talking about human life.

Those who listen to and get their political knowledge from bad comedians like Samantha Bee, they’re the joke.

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