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The Massachusetts Teachers Association is urging schools statewide — from the university level all the way down to elementary schools — to declare their buildings and campuses “safe spaces,” as “Love Trumps Hate.”

The election of Donald Trump to the presidency represents a “dangerous and frightening time for this country,” MTA President Barbara Madeloni writes in the teachers union email.

As such, students “need our love and protection now more than ever”:

From college campuses to elementary schools, organize to declare your buildings and campuses safe spaces. We have already seen this on some campuses, such as at UMass Amherst. There is no reason that a school faculty cannot meet and vote to do the same. We cannot be shy or cautious in our defense of our students and their families. This is a time to push past rules and bureaucracies that limit our ability to show and live our compassion.

The union has set next Tuesday, Nov. 22, as the day for the statewide “standouts”:

“Next Tuesday, please welcome your students to school with signs of love and support that speak to how we cherish their differences and how we will protect their right to be themselves, to feel safe and in charge of their bodies and identities, and to tell their stories.”

Remember, the MTA is talking about elementary school students when they say “in charge of their bodies and identities.”

Further, the letter goes on to suggest that teachers need “to act on our duty as educators […] to educate for democracy […] We need to talk about racism, sexism and the ways in which power can be used to abuse and oppress.”

So, on the one hand, the Massachusetts Teachers Union, which considers the outcome of the election “dangerous,” is organizing a clearly partisan event for its young and impressionable students. And then, on the other hand, the MTA states educators have a “duty” to educate for democracy.

That isn’t education. That’s indoctrination.

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