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If there is one thing that has been laid completely bare for the world to see, it is the fact that the mainstream media and the Democratic Party are in lock step and collude on coverage. Any claim to objectivity the media have has gone completely out the window. The latest evidence was released last night by WikiLeaks. In the second DNC email dump of the campaign, it was shown that CNN was asking the DNC for questions to ask at least two GOP presidential candidates during interviews. The DNC of course was all too happy to join in.

In an email on April 28, 2016, the DNC research director Lauren Dillon asked her staff to compile questions for CNN to ask Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas (A, 90%). In the email, Dillon makes it clear that CNN was asking for help. The email stated, “CNN is looking for questions.”

CNN dillon email

Phil Kerpen uncovered the email with questions that was sent back to Dillon and presumably forwarded to CNN.

Questions for Cruz included one on North Carolina’s HB2 Bathroom bill and whether Cruz only came to D.C. to run for president.

The questions of Cruz weren’t the only ones that were requested for CNN. Earlier in the week, the DNC was compiling questions for Wolf Blitzer to ask Donald Trump. The questions were for an interview with Wolf Blitzer that was later cancelled.

Earlier emails released by WikiLeaks from John Podesta’s Gmail account showed that Donna Brazile was given CNN debate questions ahead of time, which she shared with the Clinton campaign. This happened on at least two occasions and caused CNN to terminate its relationship with Brazile.

Conservatives have long called CNN the “Clinton News Network.” The revelations of internal communications at the DNC and from Podesta’s emails show that they have every reason to give the network that moniker.

It isn’t only CNN. WikiLeaks has shown that CNBC’s John Harwood asked Podesta on September 21, 2015, “What should I ask Jeb …” The Daily Caller explains how the Bush interview then went down.

On Sept. 25, Harwood sat down for a 10 question interview with Bush.

It’s not yet known if Podesta responded to Harwood’s question.

In other leaked emails Harwood praised Hillary Clinton and Podesta. Harwood also referred to President Barack Obama as “the black guy.”

WikiLeaks has also exposed that Politico’s Glenn Thrush sent stories to Podesta for sign off. The Boston Globe worked with the Clinton campaign for an op-ed placement to best serve the needs of the campaign. That episode has led to a Massachusetts political activist Steve Aylward to file an FEC complaint against The Globe.

No matter who wins the election tomorrow, it is now clear that the media are a propaganda arm of the Democratic National Committee — something conservatives have suspected for a while but is now confirmed by internal communications.

CNN, ABC, CNBC, Politico, and others need to come clean about their true relationships with the Democratic Party and its politicians. If they don’t, the American people will continue to lose trust in them.

Disclosure: Robert Eno sold the Massachusetts-based conservative blog Red Mass Group to Steve Aylward in late 2015.

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