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Since the mainstream media and the Left have been crowing about “fake news” lately, it has been humorous to watch CNN dedicate a whole day sensationalizing today’s Electoral College vote. It was always a foregone conclusion that Donald Trump will be president, and that has come to pass.

As Conservative Review’s Logan Albright noted, “fake news” exists because of market forces, just like over-sensationalized coverage. CNN’s market wants to believe that Trump can be denied, so CNN is giving them what they want, no matter how embarrassing to the network’s credibility.

The drumbeat has been loud for over a week. The mainstream media and CNN have played up an effort by Harvard University professor Larry Lessig to get electors to switch their vote from Trump. While slightly downplaying the ability to succeed, it has been a non-stop drumbeat of Electoral College Watch.

Here’s a package CNN ran this morning. Note how they tied the “Russian hacking” in at the end.

Before the three seemingly terrorist-related attacks today in Berlin, Zurich, and the assassination of a Russian ambassador in Turkey, CNN was hyping the voting all morning. They played up the possibility of electors defecting from Trump, so-called “faithless electors.”

With most of the voting done, the majority of faithless electors have been for Hillary Clinton. According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution’s live blog of the day’s proceedings, as of 4 p.m. ET, seven electors expressed a desire to not vote for Clinton. Three of those votes were switched to Clinton, and four from Washington state were allowed to stand — three for Colin Powell and one for “Faith Spotted Eagle.”

After all the hype, more electors actually found they couldn’t vote for Clinton than Trump. The media focus on this has been the equivalent of “fake news,” making something out of nothing to boost their ratings. It is why a large portion of the American public doesn’t trust the mainstream media.

This whole election, the MSM has been trying to push back against Trump with dubious reporting and, in some cases, half-truths. This is the same MSM that wants now to be the gatekeepers of what is real and what is fake news.

As long as they are part of the problem, outlets like CNN shouldn’t be put on a pedestal and given the opportunity to decide what is and isn’t news.

Editor's note: A typographical error in the headline of this piece has been corrected.

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