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Podcast Show Notes

Starting things off on this episode of the Conservative Conscience, Daniel gives a rundown of examples showing the establishing winning more control in the nascent Trump administration. What was once a promise to drain the swamp is looking more and more like an exercise in making the worst elements of the swamp great again. While it’s important to fight for a few key conservative victories that are within reach, we must also voice our concerns early and often about harmful policies and personnel. We can’t afford to wait six years to pushback against “our own party” like we did during the Bush years.

Next, we move onto our latest update on judicial tyranny. There is no way to sugar-coat this. The federal courts pose an imminent threat to our republic. It’s worse than ever.The courts are destroying our culture, inclinable rights, Constitution, and system of government. They have already redefined marriage and now are redefining human sexuality. This is broadly consequential and is not just about bathrooms. And judicial tyranny is not going to change simply with the election of Trump – unless we get the administration to engage in battle with the courts. Simply appointing a few conservative judges, most of whom will uphold existing anti-constitutional “precedent” anyway, is like spitting in the wind.

In this episode, Daniel gives a background on Marbury v. Madison and shows how judicial review is very different from judicial supremacy or judicial exclusivity. All branches of government have a say in constitutional interpretation because, as John Marshall observed, they all swear an oath to uphold the supreme law of the land, which is the Constitution, not the courts.

Using the latest cases surrounding transgenderism, Daniel demonstrates how the other branches of government can cut the legs out from under bad court decisions by using their legitimate powers to counter the court’s abuse of its power. Unless the Trump Justice Department, Congress, and the states begin pushing back against the courts, they will nullify every common sense policy we enact on a federal and state level beginning in January, thereby rendering the election moot.


“Judicial supremacy/exclusivity + one directional stare decisis + unelected life tenures + living and breathing Constitution = an equation of tyranny King George himself never envisioned.”