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Podcast Show Notes

In the middle of a national debate over Islamic refugees, a Somali refugee committed a terror attack in Columbus, Ohio, last week, thereby proving the veracity of those who are concerned by the current resettlement program. Meanwhile, the daughter of a top EU-official was brutally raped and murdered in Germany by an Afghani refugee. Yet political leaders from both parties are awfully silent on the refugee issue. Even Trump has failed to mention it beyond a quick Facebook post.

In order to get the facts right on refugee resettlement, Daniel invited Leo Hohmann of WND to discuss his new book, “Stealth Invasion: Muslim Conquest Through Immigration and the Resettlement Jihad,” with The Conservative Conscience audience.

Scheduled for release next month, this book chronicles all of the new information on refugee resettlement and how it is transforming some of our small communities, subverting our culture, and endangering our security. 

This is about more than just preventing the next terror attack, but slowing the growth of a subversive culture that will undermine our way of life — similar to what is happening in Europe today. If you want to be armed with the facts on the refugee issue, Leo Hohmann is the go-to man.

Key Quote:

On refugee contractors: “As far back as 2000, David M. Robinson, a former acting director of the refugee bureau in the State Department, described the insidious power of the contractors as follows: The agencies form a single body [that] wields enormous influence over the Administration’s refugee admissions policy. It lobbies the hill effectively to increase the number of refugees admitted for permanent resettlement each year and at the same time provides overseas processing for admissions under contract to the State department. In fact, the federal government provides about ninety percent of its collective budget. If there is a conflict of interest, it is never mentioned.”
— “Stolen Sovereignty,” Chapter 8

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