EPA Administrator-designate Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt

Andrew Harnik | AP Photo

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We’ve lived under Obama’s regulatory state for eight long years. And Big Brother hasn’t stopped looking over our shoulder. Between the IRS harassing conservative groups, the NSA listening to your phone calls, and the EPA deciding that every puddle counts as a protected wetland, it’s been rough.

But that’s about to change. Trump has made some fantastic appointments to his cabinet. But Oklahoma Attorney General, Scott Pruitt, as head of the EPA, is the best choice yet!

Pruitt is known best for suing the EPA, the same organization that he’s slotted to take over in January.

The liberals are all decrying this ‘climate criminal’ because he fought the EPA. But just like the Affordable Care Act was anything but affordable, the EPA is anything but a bastion of environmental protection. It gave up its environmental role to be the leftist elite’s favorite tool of harassment.

Pruitt’s lawsuit isn’t an attack on the environment, but a fight against government over-regulation and interference. He took on the big government for the little guy.

That’s why the Senate needs to confirm Pruitt as the administrator of EPA. He knows how to help protect the environment without killing American jobs, and suffocating business.

We need to empower American business, encourage entrepreneurs, and get Americans working again. That’s why we need Pruitt to lead the EPA, and roll back stifling regulations.

Freedom and a clean environment isn’t an “either/or” question. With Pruitt leading the EPA, we can all look forward to a cleaner and freer country for the next generation!

FreedomWorks is hoping that the Senate will confirm Pruitt right away. And we look forward to innovative free-market solutions to a complex problem! Government Fails, Freedom Works!