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After President Obama delivered his farewell address in the crime-plagued, eternal “sanctuary city” where he launched his political career, Conservative Review’s Dan Bongino hosted a Facebook live session to offer his thoughts on the speech.

Having worked for the president as a Secret Service agent, Bongino noted that watching Obama’s address was surprisingly “bittersweet.” But after giving the president credit for his ability to give a great (content aside) speech and stir the sentiment of the people, the Renegade Republican dived into the innumerable flaws in the president’s address.

Obama invoked a slew of popular ideas like, “All people are created equal,” “We chose a republic over tyranny,” and “Politics reflect the decency of the people,” while failing to note the persecution of the Little Sisters of the Poor, Christian business owners, and legal immigrants faced under his presidency.

He talked about job growth, healthcare, and race relations. In all of these instances, the president neglected to mention the tremendous destruction he brought to all of these categories. Obama’s economy grew at a slower rate than President Jimmy Carter’s, healthcare premiums rose to exorbitant heights, and race relations in the country have gotten worse with the Left’s anti-cop, race-baiting rhetoric.

Bongino was happy to remind him:

What President Obama didn't say in his farewell speech. #CRlive with Daniel Bongino

Posted by Conservative Review on Tuesday, January 10, 2017

“Obama will always be popular,” Bongino said, “but his record will be historically unpopular.”

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