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For the past 44 years, pro-life activists have come to Washington, D.C., in the dead of winter to speak for the millions of unborn children who have been the victims of abortion in America. And every year the mainstream media’s pro-abortion liberal bias is on full display for all to see.

Enter CNN’s Carol Costello. Costello is the host of CNN Newsroom, and today she covered the March for Life. But take a look at how the march was characterized:

“Anti-abortion.” For years, members of the pro-life movement have stressed the concept that this is a positive movement. A life-affirming movement. It is not singularly directed in opposition to a medical procedure, abortion, but rather is a movement to defend human life in the womb. A movement to protect the right to life possessed by unborn children.

Viewers noticed:

And that is an important point. For when Costello’s program went live to CNN’s Brianna Keilar, reporting from the National Mall, the comparisons drawn between the March for Life and last week’s liberal Women’s March should raise eyebrows for conservatives.

Keilar listed the litany of issues left-wing activists at the Women’s March last week supposedly protested for, including “immigrants rights, Muslim rights … women’s rights.” She used the term “abortion rights” as well.

But did you notice what was absent? Any discussion at all of the rights of unborn children. The activists at the March for Life are not there to simply oppose abortion. They are their to defend the natural right to life endowed by our Creator possessed by every human being. And make no mistake, an unborn child in the womb is a human being. Fighting for unborn rights is fighting for human rights. 

The pro-life, pro-unborn rights participants are labeled with negative language and that leads one to wonder why. But this final exchange from Costello’s program might provide viewers with some insight. 

Costello brought on Deana Wallace, staff counsel at Americans United for Life, to discuss what pro-life activists are looking for in President Trump’s pick for a Supreme Court justice. Listen at the end of this clip:

Costello laughed at the notion that a justice who wants to uphold the Constitution should defend unborn children and their right to life.

She laughed! At the thought that unborn children should have the right to life. 

The liberal media, ladies and gentlemen. 


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Chris Pandolfo is a staff writer
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