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Liberal actress Meryl Streep’s virtue-signaling Golden Globes speech Sunday invoked the wrath of Conservative Review Editor-in-Chief Mark Levin.

In a Facebook post Monday, Levin skewered Streep for professing solidarity with immigrants and the media — groups she considers to be victims of the same hate-fueled conservative campaign that brought Donald Trump to power. He then provided a long list of atrocities committed by the Obama administration that the 30-time Globes nominee neglected to speak out against:

Meryl Streep said nothing when Obama's Justice Department was targeting reporters and intercepting their communications; she said nothing when Obama's Justice Department was arming Mexican drug lords, resulting in murder; she said nothing when Obama's IRS was threatening and intimidating private citizens because of their viewpoints; she said nothing when Obama's NSA was gathering a massive amount of telephonic activity by American citizens; she said nothing when Obama threw Israel over the cliff at the UN; she said nothing when Obama's policies (or lack thereof) contributed to the growth of ISIS and its genocide, rape, slavery, and torture; etc. 

Levin added that the “liberal ass” actress “should stick to what she knows — memorizing words written by people smarter than her and then repeating them when directed to do so.”

She's incapable of basic reasoning and comprehension. She also disrespected her industry and the viewing public by using the Golden Globe Awards' ceremony to burp up her baloney, as if what she had to say was so urgent and momentous.   

Mic drop.

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Carly Hoilman is a Correspondent for Conservative Review. You can follow her on Twitter @CarlyHoilman