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Conservative Review has received an advanced copy of a resolution set to be introduced by Rep. Steve King of Iowa, which calls for the rejection of the “two-state solution” as America’s prime policy objective between Israel and the Palestinians.

In pushing the legislation, the Republican congressman calls for the incoming White House administration to “advocate for a new approach that prioritizes the State of Israel’s sovereignty, security, and borders.”

Critics of America’s “two-state” policy for Israel and the Palestinians have long shed light on the fact that the Palestinian-led entities in the West Bank and Gaza are being controlled by terrorist groups who incite acts of violence against innocents. Rep. King’s resolution seeks to allow for Israel to determine what is best for itself. It encourages Israel to take up its own course in direct negotiations with the Palestinians, instead of Washington dictating terms upon Jerusalem.

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“The State of Israel is the only consistent and reliable beacon of freedom and democracy in the Middle East,” the legislation states, adding that Israel is “a crucial ally of the United States in the region and in the larger war against the threats from radical Islam.”

The resolution argues that the Palestinian Authority, which governs the Palestinian territories outside of the Gaza Strip, “does not meet the criteria for a viable and functioning government.”

The two-state solution proposal has been the standard policy objective for the American government for decades. Its advocacy has failed to result in a secure environment for both Israel, a free country, and the Palestinians, who are led by Islamists and autocrats. Israel, for its part, has offered diplomatic accords that would grant the Palestinians a state at least three times, but their representatives have rejected every single one of them.

Jordan Schachtel is the national security correspondent for CR. Follow him on Twitter @JordanSchachtel.