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In the days leading up to the March for Life, various pro-life organizations, conservative news outlets, and even President Donald Trump himself issued a challenge to the mainstream media: Cover Friday’s March for Life with the same gusto with which you covered the Women’s March last weekend.

The Media Research Center launched a campaign challenging mainstream outlets to #CoverTheMarch:

And cover it they have. Just not positively, accurately, or fairly.

The outlets that decided to cover the march at all used phrases like “anti-abortion” and “abortion opponents” to advance the progressive pro-choice narrative that pro-life individuals are enemies of women’s rights, and therefore human rights.

Very sneaky, liberal media. You passed the “coverage” test, but you failed the “fair and balanced” test.

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Carly Hoilman is a Correspondent for Conservative Review. You can follow her on Twitter @CarlyHoilman