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Maria Jeffrey | Conservative Review

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Braving the cold to protest President Donald Trump’s recent executive order on travel and immigration on Thursday, protestors marched to the White House to tell Trump what they thought.

“We have families who have to be separated from their 4-month-old babies because, guess what? The mother did not have citizenship but the child did. What kind of a fucking country is that?” said one woman to the sympathetic sound of boos from the gathering. And, of course, the “dump Trump” theme was present throughout.

D.C. City Council member Brianne Nadeau also spoke to the crowd, bragging of the bills she introduced last year to stop ICE operations targeting Central Americans and condemning “anti-Muslim bigotry.”

More scenes from the protest:

In sum, over 70 restaurants in the D.C. area were closed or were using limited menus as part of the protest. Word of the #DayWithoutImmigrants protest spread through social media.

And while a great many people work at the dozens of participating restaurants, only about 200-250 people were present for the march to the White House, and were visible to no one beyond a block of their caravan.

Maria Jeffrey is a correspondent for Conservative Review. Follow her on Twitter @MariaTJeffrey