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In a House Democratic press briefing Wednesday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. (F, 10%) lectured reporters on what an authoritarian government is re: President Trump. 

“The president is flirting with danger. We know that he is a deflector in chief. My colleagues have pointed to that. Anytime he has a problem here,” Pelosi said, gesturing toward one side of the podium, “he changes the subject here.”

“And it’s a tactic. It’s a tactic, really of an authoritarian government to shut down openness, create secrecy, and change the subject so we’re always talking about something else. He did the [travel] ban so that it would deflect from some of his other deficiencies.”

In lecturing reporters on what authoritarian government looks like, Pelosi forgets the iron fist with which she ruled the House as speaker, where she never once allowed open debate on a bill in the 111th Congress.

Pelosi also repeatedly called for an “independent, outside commission” with subpoena power to investigate the claims that Trump campaign officials were in contact with Russian officials during the election. 

As Conservative Review has reported, these “Fourth Branch”-type of commissions are bad news. Over the years, Congress has created various commissions that are separate from the three constitutional branches of government and are really accountable to no one, least of all the American people.

Daniel Horowitz and Nate Madden write that these independent commissions “engage in quasi-judicial and quasi-legislative functions even while quite evidently wielding the police power of an executive.”

The last thing we need is for Nancy Pelosi to breathe life into an “independent” commission to investigate allegations involving Pres. Trump. That’s why the intelligence committees exist, and that’s why the FBI exists. There is already more than one existing governmental entity to investigate those claims. Let them do it, if the need is legitimate. 

Maria Jeffrey is a correspondent for Conservative Review. Follow her on Twitter @MariaTJeffrey