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Conservative Review Editor-in-Chief Mark Levin expressed his dismay with the Ninth Circuit and its decision to rule against President Donald Trump's executive order on immigration. On his radio program Thursday evening, Levin objected to the quashing of the White House executive order that put a temporarily hold on citizens from seven terror-tied, Muslim-majority countries entering the United States. 


Levin, a constitutional expert and president of the Landmark Legal Foundation, has often litigated with government agencies.

"They're not citizens, they're not permanent legal residents," Levin said of the individuals affected by the individual travel ban. "They have a visa. That's it! And the government can yank the visa whenever the hell it wants to!"

"That's what happens when you have a bunch of clowns in a black robe, with a couple of law clerks who sit there thinking this is a debating society!" Levin added.

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Jordan Schachtel is the national security correspondent for CR.