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In a tizzy after Betsy DeVos was confirmed as President Trump’s Sec. of Education, liberals on Twitter started considering the merits of homeschooling for the first time. 

The irony of invoking the freedom to choose where their kids go to school as a way to protest a pro-school choice Sec. of Education seemed lost on them.

This dig at Betsy DeVos and children needing an English teacher as a result of her leadership at the Dept. of Education falls flat because of the spelling and grammatical errors peppered throughout it:

And this guy is on to something — yes, you have to laugh. Liberals are now all pro-school choice as a way of protesting a pro-school choice Sec. of Education. The irony.

Tempers are high right now, but will liberal threats to homeschool actually materialize?

Perhaps public schools won't be so overrun with intolerant leftists if all the liberals decide to homeschool their kids? 

Maria Jeffrey is a correspondent for Conservative Review. Follow her on Twitter @MariaTJeffrey