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Show Notes:

In this episode of the “Conservative Conscience,” Daniel is joined by Professor John Cochrane of the Hoover Institution, an expert economist on health care policy. In a refreshing change from the typical inside-Washington health care discussion, Daniel and the professor actually move beyond the false choice of the existing paradigm and envision what a true free market would look like.

Professor Cochrane gives a synopsis of his plan for free markets to deal with pre-existing conditions through the issuance of health-status insurance. The source of the pre-existing condition problem is government intervention that has boxed out any ability or need for private enterprise to compete for consumer demand.

But if we actually repealed Obamacare (and some pre-Obamacare) regulations and interventions, we could have health-status insurance that would be purchased just like term-life insurance at a very young age to cover any change in health status.

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