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Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) would like you to have fries with that. Lots and lots of fries.

It’s one of the ways he makes sure he doesn’t have to respect you. Because when you spend your morning obsessed on social media about a tweet that some McDonald’s wannabe sent out about President Trump, it tells Ryan that you are beneath him.

It tells him you a super-sized yokel. For how can you complain about fake news, Ryan asks, when you are so easily titillated by something so banal? Enjoy that lint in your navel, guys! I’ll be over here doing as I wish while you clap like a trained seal at deep-fried click bait.

So yell at him all you want about being a RINO, but Ryan’s also busy owning Trump right now on the fake repeal of Obamacare. That’s some serious scoreboard: ‘Make the Swamp Great Again’ is leading the race for winner of the First 100 Days.  And when you have a lead like that, you tend not to take advice from what you consider to be the cheap seats.

Case in point: I read on social media yesterday one congressman said calls to his office were running 200-1 against RINOcare. But when Jake Tapper interviewed Ryan on CNN, and alluded to the lack of support his legislation is receiving from the grassroots, he couldn’t have been more matter-of-fact about not giving a rip.

“It’s not something frankly we’re worried about,” Ryan said.

Not only that, but Ryan said he and Trump are working together “hand and glove” on ignoring you. Well cuckadoodledoo!

Somebody on Twitter tried to explain this to me as Trump deserving the benefit of the doubt, because he is “working at his own pace.” Funny, I thought our populist president was supposed to be working at our pace.

One of my worst fears, going all the way back to when Trump first jumped into the lead in the Republican primary, was that his interest in winning the White House would be vastly more robust than his interest in governing while actually living there. Yet there was also a part of me that tried to argue myself out of that concern, because I believed his ego was simply too large to allow for such a lethargic state of being.

But here we are. The guy who said he would hire all the best people made a guy actively working for not one but two foreign governments his national security advisor. The guy who said he would build a wall has been beaten to the punch on immigration by the courts and the wall they have built between true justice and flyover country. And the guy who said he would give the government back to the people is playing footsy with a speaker who says on national TV the people aren't really his thing.

Say what you will about Ryan, but just because you disagree with him on principle doesn't mean you don't underestimate him at your own peril. Ryan isn't even 50 years old yet, and he's already gone from Janesville, Wisconsin, to a national ticket and now speaker of the house. And he's done so without being surrounded by consultants like many of his peers. This guy is a professional politician.

It looks like the technocrat cross-fitter is the alpha male in this relationship, and not the boisterous billionaire.

And right now he looks like a Dark Lord of the Sith compared to Trump’s Jar-Jar Binks. Every day Trump gives speeches and allows Ryan to maneuver, he's essentially the patsy making the motion to give the chancellor emergency powers. Perhaps it was Ryan who ghost wrote ‘The Art of the Deal’ for Trump, because he’s the one who seems to understand how to wield power far better.

Like when Ryan got Trump to back down during the campaign last year. Remember when Trump threatened Ryan during one of his rambling rallies, and then the backlash was so bad he ended up endorsing Ryan in his primary and shunning his challenger? Now Trump is threatening conservative dissenters for Ryan.

It looks like the technocrat cross-fitter is the alpha male in this relationship, and not the boisterous billionaire.

Want some ketchup with those fries, Donald? 

Steve Deace

Steve Deace is syndicated each weeknight by the Salem Radio Network, and is also the author of the new book A Nefarious Plot.