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Bruce Wayne: People are dying, Alfred. What would you have me do?

Alfred: Endure, Master Wayne.

-The Dark Knight

With just about every show I do or column I write, Bruce Wayne’s query to Alfred is looming somewhere in the back of my mind. I’ve been warning for years now something wicked this way would come if we didn’t recommit to the wisdom of our founders. Many didn’t listen, and some of those who said they were clearly did so with their fingers crossed behind their back.

Those of you who also realize this often ask me the Bruce Wayne question as well. And I have the same answer as Alfred.


I say this knowing that's not easy to do, and it sounds trite. I struggle to endure, too.

Professionally, things have never been better and my career continues to climb. Yet I wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t acknowledge that a lot of the activism I've done in the past simply failed to achieve the result I wanted. Still, duty is ours and outcomes belong to God, as John Quincy Adams once said. And if He has decided we need to sink lower before breathing the free air again, I can't question His justice despite my disappointment.

Especially when we are caught between a rock and a hard place. Between progressives who wish to regress us back to paganism, and too many wearing our jersey who just don't believe the things they say they believe. That’s why there is always so much parsing. And equivocating. And triangulating. It is what people do when they're running a scam.

We've been had.

How else do you explain the more than 50 times the GOP has previously voted to repeal Obamacare, only to now offer us a slightly different version of that very disaster? That’s not a hill you die on unless the lie is the place you regularly call home.

But, yeah, thank God the Democrats lost or something.

All of this is why so much of my show has moved beyond activism to worldview and teaching. It’s time to find out just how big a remnant exists in the cause of defending American exceptionalism. To do that we need to drill down and find out how deep our plumb line goes, before wilting under the pressure of leftist siren songs that happen to be wearing the magic R on their chest.

To put a finer point on it, the ground is shrinking beneath our feet. But we can't take new ground until we can stand on our own. And you can't stand your ground unless you have enough leaders and foot soldiers up to the task, and sadly we do not.

Sure, we have pockets of resistance — Freedom Caucus in the House, Cruz/Lee/Paul and a few others in the Senate — within the Republican Party, but that's it. Might I suggest that when you're underrepresented to that extent in your own political party, you really don't have a political party.

Meanwhile, progressive judges continue to openly defy the Constitution on whim, with no check and balance in sight. For example, nowhere does the Constitution permit a federal judge to determine immigration policy at all, let alone for the entire nation. But last night one did, again, on President Trump's second (and watered down) attempt at some semblance of border sanity. And except for some voices crying in the wilderness, most of the Right yawned, uttered a "that sucks," and promptly went back to their click bait.

So how do you fight for a movement that won't fight for itself? You don't, unless you have a high blood pressure fetish.

Instead, you teach and reach for those with ears to hear. Sometimes those come in the least likely places. Like I'm not invited to speak to GOP events anymore, but I do get emails from agnostics studying abroad at Oxford who haven't heard of the American view of law and government despite being born and raised here. Or atheists who are fascinated with how our show doesn't find faith and reason in conflict, but rather believe both are necessary for either one to flourish.

These are the kinds of people we have to add to the fold, if we have any hopes of not seeing liberty fold altogether in our day.

This is how I endure. Not by retreating but staying in the fight. Not by giving up but going all in. Not by working harder but by working smarter.

If you've also come to a fork in the road in your quest to conserve that which has proven to be true, noble, and good for the human condition, I urge you not to quit but to endure. However, to endure doesn't mean to continue in what has proven to be futile, but to go where there is a market for your message. If your local GOP or other typical political machinery has rusted over, staying put isn't enduring. It's just dumb.

Even Christ didn't demand his disciples continue pointlessly evangelizing those with hardened hearts, but to kick the dust off their sandals and move onto those more receptive.

Thus, go and do likewise, and endure.

Steve Deace

Steve Deace is broadcast nationally each weeknight on CRTV. He is the author of the book A Nefarious Plot.