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Mr. Lemire:

You falsely reported in your wire story yesterday, in part, that "Radio host Mark Levin voiced without evidence the idea that Obama had wiretapped Trump Tower." I sent you an email yesterday asking: "Are you going to correct this?"

I never said that Obama had Trump Tower wiretapped. You not only misstated what I said, but you ignored the entire purpose and context of that Thursday's (March 2) radio program. I addressed this methodically again on yesterday's radio show. Still, you are silent.

It is one thing to make an honest error in your reporting. AP and other news outlets make mistakes all the time, for which they publish corrections or make apologies.  However, you persist in your false reporting, which is repeated by others since you write for a wire service.  This reveals your intent on driving a partisan, ideological agenda — e.g., your additional statement in the story about "the edges of the conservative movement." This is why your profession has already been severely damaged with the public and, may I add, now your reputation, or lack thereof, for integrity.

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