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Juan M. Thompson, a far-leftist who once called for Donald Trump and his supporters to be “taken out” — and a former reporter for The Intercept — has been arrested and is set to be charged in connection with making bomb threats to eight different Jewish institutions between the months of January and February.

The FBI arrested Thompson — who is also accused of stalking his ex-girlfriend — in St. Louis, Missouri this week. Thompson is believed to be responsible for several of the hundreds of bomb threats made against Jewish institutions across America. The FBI, however, believes the main perpetrator is still at-large.

The FBI complaint alleges that Thompson sometimes called in bomb threats under the name of someone he was previously involved in a romantic relationship with, in an apparent attempt to harass and frame that person. One of those instances includes an anonymous tip to the Center of American-Islamic Relations.

The language in the FBI complaint matches up Thompson with a Juan M. Thompson who tweets via the username @JuanMThompson. Media outlets have reported that this is indeed Thompson’s account, which is filled with anti-Israel, far-left, anti-Trump posts.

The St. Louis native was a writer for Glenn Greenwald’s far-left site, The Intercept, from 2014-2015, before he was fired for inventing quotes and sources. At The Intercept, Thompson advocated for the Black Lives Matter movement and wrote about “Rising up against police violence ....” In one piece at The Intercept, Thompson also accused President Donald Trump of running a “neo-fascist” political campaign.

So what kind of person is Thompson? His Twitter profile sheds a light into his anti-Semitic, Trump-hating, leftist worldview:

Militantly anti-Israel, Thompson once tweeted that “many would argue that the U.S. is the world’s top terror sponsor” because of its assistance to the Jewish state.

After traveling to Senegal in 2016, Thompson announced that he was “reverting” back to Islam.

From Senegal, he thanked “[A]llah” for allowing him to leave the “white west.”

His Twitter account is rife with anti-Trump screeds. He once said Trump supporters “should be taken out along with Trump.”

Thompson previously described America as a “white fascist” nation.

In July, Thompson revealed that he voted for Bernie Sanders, but said he didn’t like Sanders’ supporters.

Jordan Schachtel is the national security correspondent for Conservative Review. Follow him on Twitter @JordanSchachtel.