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General Questions

What is Conservative Review?

Conservative Review is comprised of collection of former conservative congressional staff, policy experts, activists, media personalities, and is led by Mark Levin, our Editor-in-Chief.

Why should I trust you?

Many of Conservative Review’s staff have spent countless hours poring over legislative text, congressional records, voting records, Federal Election Commission data, and news reports to compile the best and most precise information for conservatives. Conservative Review’s staff is filled with individuals from a variety of backgrounds that has given them an up close and personal look at the underbelly of Washington, D.C. Rather than using that information to become lobbyists, they have opted to put that knowledge to work helping to empower conservatives across America with the truth about what is happening in Washington, D.C.

How are you qualified to analyze and comment on policy and politics?

Conservative Review’s writers and staff have backgrounds that specialize in everything from the arcane rules of the Senate to the minutiae of obscure policy areas. One of our staffers has even read every word of Obamacare’s 2700 pages! Our team has held positions in state government, federal government, congressional staff, Presidential administrations, campaigns, PACs, think tanks, and private companies.

How is the conservative position on a vote determined?

Principles. Conservative principles are the guiding North Star for Conservative Review. Principle such as limited government, free markets, traditional family values, individual freedom, rule of law, and a strong national defense are at the core of Conservative Review’s principles.

How are you different from other organizations?

Conservative Review is a for-profit media entity. We are not an interest group and we don’t contribute to candidates or engage in political organizing. We are an antidote to the left wing media entities that dominate our airwaves and online news sources. Our goal is to inform and educate you, our readers and followers, and then it is up to you to decide what to do with the wealth of information we provide to you. Our goal is to give our followers the best tools and information so that you can become informed decision makers. We believe in our Republic, our nation of laws, and we know that the best way to impact our political environment is to provide information for conservatives.

Why hasn’t anyone done this before?

Probably for a variety of reasons. Conservative Review has done its best to comb through the conservative movement to find the best and brightest to help frame news and current events through conservative policy and principles while cutting through the spin and rhetoric of your typical DC politician.

Are we to take your commentary pieces as “authoritatively conservative” or your site’s editorial position?

Yes and No. Most of our writers are some of the best conservative minds working in the political commentary arena. That said, anything with a by-line of an author is solely that author’s view. We try to provide a fair spectrum of conservative thought on our site. Anything signed by the Conservative Review Editors can be taken as the position of the site, and as close as possible to True North conservative position.

Liberty Score® Questions

How often do you update the Liberty Score?

There isn’t a set time period. We update the Liberty Score as the votes merit and we base it largely on Congress’ schedule. Sometimes Congress will go months without taking up any serious legislation and will pass the time by filling it with campaign “show votes” or meaningless activities, such as naming post offices. Any time a major policy vote happens that impacts the nation, rest assured that Conservative Review will be there to mark it up and provide our subscribers with what was voted on, why it was important, and how the politicians you care about voted.

My politician says that your scorecard is wrong. Is it?

Most likely they have a low score or are trying to rationalize some vote. A lot of Republicans like to claim they are conservatives, but too often their voting records tell a different story. We don’t expect any elected official to be perfect, but we do expect them to keep promises. We use the same votes and standards to measure politicians and some score very well while others, not so much. Politicians thrive off of feeding us misinformation and spin. After all, there is a reason they spend hundreds of millions of dollars each election cycle on campaign ads: they have to shape their perception by voters to deflect attention from their voting records.

How is a member of Congress’ Liberty Score determined?

The Liberty Score is comprised of 50 votes over a 6-year rolling window. Voting with the conservative position earns a positive voting point. Conservative Review divides positive voting points earned by possible voting points to determine the Liberty Score percentage. Letter grades are based off the standard elementary school letter grade scale.