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Jim Jordan


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Jordan at a Glance

James Daniel "Jim" Jordan has represented Ohio's 4th congressional district, in the northern central portion of the state, since 2007.

Jordan received his undergraduate degree in economics from the University of Wisconsin–Madison. While in college Jordan was a two-time NCAA Division I wrestling champion. He later earned a master's degree in education from Ohio State University, and a law degree from Capital University. Jordan worked as an assistant wrestling coach at Ohio State University after graduating from college.

In 1994, Jordan was elected to the Ohio House of Representatives, where he served for six years. Jordan ran for and won a seat in the Ohio Senate in 2000, serving there for six years as well. In 2006, with longtime incumbent congressman Mike Oxley (R-OH) retiring from his seat, Jordan announced his candidacy for Congress. Jordan handily won the republican primary as well as the general election.

Jordan chaired the Republican Study Committee in the 112th Congress and has been seen as one of the last conservative chairmans of the group. As chairman of the RSC Jordan led many battles against establishment republicans and GOP leadership. In 2011, Jordan kept his group firmly opposed to Speaker Boehner’s $4 trillion grand bargain that would have raised taxes with President Obama, forcing leadership to scrap the plan. Then in 2012, Jordan pushed hard against another Boehner deal, this one crafted to preserve Bush tax rates only for incomes of less than $1 million, saying "We're the party that says you shouldn't raise taxes." Jordan helped leave the Cut, Cap, and Balance effort in the fall of 2011 that forced Republican leadership to extract concessions from Democrats and brought about real spending cuts.

Rank and file members see Jordan as the unofficial leader of conservatives. As such Republican Leadership frequently targets him for buy in to legislative deals to receive his blessing for conservative support. For example, In the opening weeks of 2013, Jordan worked with republican leadership to hammer out a list of joint objectives that became known as the "Williamsburg Accord." The accord was a conservative wish list but also pledged the support of conservatives on a wider array of establishment goals, effectively promising the fidelity and trust of the conservative movement, albeit hesitantly. In short, it was a peace accord. (National Journal)

But by the fall, leadership had burned through their goodwill going back on the agreement numerous times by always promising the next fight was the one where Republicans would make their stand. As history has proven out, those stands never occurred. Despite being betrayed by Republican Leadership Jordan still decided to support John Boehner (R-OH) for Speaker in 2015 (as he did in 2013). With the Republican Study Committee being co-opted by Republican Leadership, Jordan banded together with other conservatives within the first few weeks of the 114th Congress and Jordan was once again leading a conservative coalition, the House Freedom Caucus. Jordan was quickly and unanimously selected as the group’s first chairman.

Jordan is routinely referenced as a Representative that could replace John Boehner as speaker, but Jordan has repeatedly said that he does not want the job.

Jordan is one of the few leaders House conservatives have and while sometimes a bad decision can lead an entire group of conservatives astray, Jordan’s steadfast conservatism is the antidote so desperately needed in a body where even Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) is colloquially referred to as “conservative.” As such Jordan plays and outsized role for a Representative that is not in an official leadership position. Arguably there has not been a more instrumental conservative in the House of Representatives that is willing to stand up for conservative principles.

What You Don’t See on Jordan's Scorecard


  • When asked for his position on Common Core standards, Jordan has flatly said "I'm against it … We don't need this Common Core coming down from on high.” Jordan also takes the position that testing is not the solution. "We have gone overboard on testing. You need some testing to make sure kids are getting the basics … [but] I think we've gone overboard.” (Norwalk Reflector

Foreign Policy & Defense

  • Jordan has been protective of the M1 Abrams tank program despite the Pentagon’s preference to temporarily end the program until upgrades can be implemented, a move that would result in an estimated $2.5 billion in savings. The Abrams tank program supports nearly 1,000 jobs in Jordan’s district. "The one area where we are supposed to spend taxpayer money is in defense of the country … Look, [the plant] is in the 4th Congressional District and my job is to represent the 4th Congressional District, so I understand that. But the fact remains, if it was not in the best interests of the national defense for the United States of America, then you would not see me supporting it like we do." (Yahoo! News)

Free Market

  • Jordan opposes reauthorization of the Export-Import. In celebrating the charter’s lapse in July, 2015, Jordan said, “Six months ago, if I was to tell any of you that we’d be 15 days into July and the Export-Import Bank would not be reauthorized, you all would have laughed at me. But that’s exactly where we are at. Momentum, I think, is on our side.” (Politico
  • Jordan went on to say “This is great news for families and taxpayers. Every day that goes by without the Ex-Im Bank being resurrected means it is more likely that it permanently ends. … This is the kind of example of good governance that I am excited to tell my constituents about during the August recess.” (Politico
  • Jordan called the Bank the ultimate earmark. “The American people are fed up with corporate welfare. And the ‘bridge to nowhere’ of corporate welfare is the Export- Import Bank. And it’s time it goes. And again, all we have to do to end this is nothing. Just let it wind down in its natural course.” (Jordan.House.gov


  • Jordan opposes amnesty for illegal immigrants already in the country. “We are a nation of laws, and giving blanket amnesty to those who break the law violates our core American principles. Amnesty is nothing more than rewarding illegal behavior by giving criminals the fruit of their crime.” (Jordan.House.gov

Civil Liberties

  • Jordan introduced a resolution calling for a formal investigation into the targeting of conservative nonprofit groups by the Internal Revenue Service. Said Jordan, “We need this special counsel to help us get to the truth because the so-called investigation by the Justice Department has been a joke. The current investigation has no credibility because it is being headed by a maxed-out donor who is financially invested in the president’s success.” (Washington Examiner)

Health Care & Entitlements

  • Jordan has been leading the charge on including Obamacare repeal in a budget reconciliation bill. “We told [the voters] time and time again, we are committed to getting rid of this law. So, let’s make sure we keep this thing front and center in the political debate, put it on the president’s desk [and] actually make him veto it.” (Politico
  • While serving in the Ohio House of Representatives, Jordan offered an amendment to welfare reform that would limit the time individuals who were able to work could continue receiving welfare. (Examiner)

Taxes, Economy, & Trade

  • While serving in the Ohio House of Representatives, Jordan created the Income Tax Reduction Fund, which required any state revenue surpluses be used to lower citizens’ income tax burden instead of being used for government spending. (Examiner)
  • While serving in the Ohio House of Representatives Jordan supported a state constitutional amendment requiring a three-fifths majority of the state legislature and voter approval to increase taxes or for certain increases in spending. (The Blade)