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Party R
State TX
Years in DC 14
Next Election 2020


F 42%
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Fund Obama Priorities and Give Planned Parenthood a Raise
This government funding bill funded all aspects of the federal government from October 1 through December 9, 2016. Absent from this budget bill was any sort of meaningful limitations on a single illegal, abusive, or harmful executive action taken by President Obama. In fact, this spending bill funded every major policy priority of the Obama administration. Absent from the bill were limitations or reforms to Obamacare, Planned Parenthood funding, Obama's transgender bathroom mandate on the states, sanctuary cities, unconstitutional amnesty, or anything resembling a spending reduction or fiscal responsibility to address our $20 trillion debt. Additionally, this spending bill offered specific funding to combat Zika, despite funding already being available. There were no restrictions on whether this government money could go to Planned Parenthood, which effectively increased government funding for the nation's largest abortion provider. What was particularly disturbing about this blank check is that the timing of the budget deadline coincided with two new harmful unilateral policies of the Obama administration: the giveaway of oversight over internet IP addresses to a foreign entity and a net increase in refugee admissions for the new fiscal year. Of course, the failure to do anything about Obama's increase in refugee admissions comes on top of the existing increase in refugees from the Middle East during a time of grave homeland security concerns. While one expects compromise with divided government, this spending package was truly breathtaking as it embodies Democrat values - as if Republicans did not in fact actually control Congress. Finally, this bill was timed to expire during December, and thus creates a lame-duck session which exposes America to the inevitable danger of multiple onerous policies jammed through by retiring members, including those who have lost their bid for reelection. VIEW ALL MEMBERS' VOTES
1 0 9/28/2016
Support A Bailout of Puerto Rico
This vote was the last hurdle to bailing out Puerto Rico. This bill should worry every voter, as it establishes a fiscal oversight board with near-imperial powers over the island’s finances. Equally as troubling, the bill allows the Oversight Board to restructure the island’s debt without the consent of the creditors.  This gives Puerto Rico bankruptcy-like powers that have otherwise been found unconstitutional, and adds up to nothing less than a bailout. The oversight board will be able to implement legally unbounded decisions to force payment cuts upon creditors. Even worse, the bill allows for “transparent” cronyism, because the oversight board receives no funding from Congress, but will be permitted to accept gifts. This presents an opportunity for actors to bribe members of the board for favorable treatment. Ultimately, this bill is a symbolic shift from a fiscal mess on the shoulders of Puerto Rico, to one on taxpayers across the country. VIEW ALL MEMBERS' VOTES
1 0 6/29/2016
Support Obama’s War on Suburbs
This vote was a procedural vote to kill an amendment offered by Senator Lee that would have defunded implementation of a Department of Housing and Urban Development rule that basically federalizes zoning laws and encourages the forced economic diversification of neighborhoods. Rhetorically speaking this rule is a war on the suburbs as it uses the power of federal government to centrally plan out neighborhoods. The rule is a massive power grab by progressive bureaucrats to allow them to conduct large scale social experiments with real neighborhoods by forcing the collection of data that will be used to evaluate whether communities meet Washington guidelines and quotas on race, economic, and other factors. The result will undermine local representation and push localities into more regional government structures that ultimately answer to Washington D.C. VIEW ALL MEMBERS' VOTES
1 1 5/19/2016
Increase Taxpayer Subsidies for “Green Energy” Home Loans
This amendment, sponsored by Senator Isakson, would increase taxpayer subsidies from the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) for homes classified as "green energy" efficient. Proponents of the amendment argue that homes that meet the "green energy" standard will save those owners money on utility bills, and as such, those cost savings should be counted as increased income for loan applicants. Thus, the amendment would incentivize homebuyers to purchase "green energy" homes and further distort the housing market. The practical effect of this social engineering policy is that loan applicants will take out bigger loans than they may be able to afford and artificially inflate home prices, as well as increase the amount of risk that taxpayers are exposed to by funding these loans. It was these same sort of policies that led to the housing collapse of 2008. VIEW ALL MEMBERS' VOTES
1 0 4/19/2016
Confirm a Common Core Advocate as Secretary of Education
This vote was to confirm John B. King as the next Secretary of Education. John King's nomination presented Republican members of the Senate with a choice: confirm a liberal self-avowed supporter of Common Core to the most powerful education-related office or stand up against increased federal control of education by refusing to confirm King. In New York, King implemented a controversial Common Core, one size fits all education system against the will of the parents, teachers, and local school board. Rather than undoing the damage that the Department of Education has wrecked on local education systems, King will solidify Obama’s legacy of more federal control at the Department of Education. VIEW ALL MEMBERS' VOTES
1 0 3/15/2016
Lifetime Appointment of a Liberal Judge
This vote was to confirm Wilhelmina Marie Wright, an ultra-liberal judge to the United States District Court for the District of Minnesota. A proponent of "critical race theory," Wright once argued the right to property, one of America's most foundational rights, perpetuates racism in America. She has even gone so far as to claim that property rights are racist. Rather than reject this judge, who clearly holds views antithetical to the Constitution, Republicans confirmed her for a lifetime appointment. Overall this vote is one of the latest examples of President Obama packing courts around the country with liberal judges. Liberal judges have used the judiciary branch to legislate from the bench and usher in and defend radical policies that are unconstitutional. The Senate Constitutional role of "advice and consent" gives Congress an effective check on liberal appointees, but only if it is used as something more than a rubber stamp. VIEW ALL MEMBERS' VOTES
1 2 1/19/2016
To Advance a $1.1 Trillion Budget Busting Spending Bill
This 2,009 page omnibus bill contained a whopping $1.1 trillion for funding the entire government for the remainder of fiscal year 2016, or $547 million per page. Taken in totality, this bill gave away the final opportunity for Republicans to wield the power of the purse over a number of lawless or harmful executive policies for the rest of the Obama administration. The tactics and processes used by Speaker Ryan to advance this bill were identical to ones used by Speaker Boehner, and ultimately resulted in the GOP Congress losing all leverage over an out of control executive branch. As the omnibus fully funded Obama’s amnesty programs and even added close to $300 million in funding for economic and cultural development in some of the very Latin American countries violating our sovereignty. While the bill contained no positive immigration riders to prevent Obama from bringing in Syrian refugees and other security risks, it contained a harmful provision quadrupling the H2-b visa program for next year, further burdening American workers and taxpayers with more low skilled workers from impoverished countries. In addition, this bill stripped out every rider halting Obama’s environmental agenda. Finally it increased spending by $53 billion relative to the previous year. VIEW ALL MEMBERS' VOTES
1 0 12/18/2015
Expand Federal Involvement in Education
This vote was to reauthorize No Child Left Behind through 2020. No Child Left Behind represented an unprecedented expansion by the federal government into education. Overall this reauthorization legislation is a missed opportunity for a Republican controlled congress to empower parents and put children first. Education is an issue that is near and dear to families and represents and opportunity for Republicans to lay down a bold contrast of family first policies. Conservatives believe education decisions should be made by state and local officials, yet this bill retains the fundamental mandate requiring states to concoct uniform standards in reading and math that would be applied statewide throughout all jurisdictions. The bill keeps the plethora of federal testing requirements that have been the driving force behind the adoption of Common Core. Likewise, it does nothing to address the duplicate and wasteful programs funded by the Department of Education, but in reality actually expands education control into preschool programs. Instead of renewing the 2001 law with minor changes, conservatives should be implementing sweeping reforms that allow states to drive innovation in their own school districts. VIEW ALL MEMBERS' VOTES
1 0 12/9/2015
1,300 Page $305 billion Highway Bailout Bill
This 1,300 page bill was introduced, "debated", and voted on within 72 hours, making it virtually impossible that any member of Congress actually read it. It is accurate to assume that Congress is blindly spending $305 billion with little knowledge of its implications. Additionally this bill bails out the Highway Trust Fund to the tune of $70 billion. While the Republican controlled Congress makes the argument the bill is paid for, that is fraudulent claim as the payfors are budget gimmicks designed to hide the true cost of the bill. Besides continuing Congress' reckless spending spree the bill, also renews the once shuttered crony capitalist Export Import Bank. VIEW ALL MEMBERS' VOTES
1 0 12/4/2015
Raise Debt Limit by $1.5 Trillion and Increase Spending
The Bipartisan Budget Agreement of 2015 (H.R. 1314) represents the convergence of everything that is wrong in Washington and is a prime example of the engendered permanent growth of the federal government. This bill married a blank check of approximately $1.5 trillion in debt suspension with a two-year budget plan that placed the final nail in the coffin of the 2011 Budget Control Act, which cut government spending for the first time in years. At a time when spending is already slated to increase by another $250 billion in 2016, this deal busts the budget caps by $112 billion. In classic Enron-style accounting, the hodgepodge of "offsets" are either notional, intangible, or scheduled to take effect almost ten years from now and in typical Washington fashion, unlikely to ever come to fruition. In addition, this bill bails out the broken Disability Insurance program with $150 billion from Social Security retirement benefits - without enacting any durable and verifiable reforms that address the systemic flaws in the program which have made this program a dependency-inducing Ponzi scheme rife with fraud. Finally, this budget bill fails to exact a single policy concession from Obama on the major issues of our time - immigration enforcement, Planned Parenthood, EPA regulations, the Iran deal, etc. - and takes the power of the purse off the table as leverage against any potential executive overreach for the remainder of the Obama presidency. VIEW ALL MEMBERS' VOTES
1 0 10/30/2015
Stop Sanctuary Cities and Support Kate's Law
S. 2146 is long overdue legislation to punish sanctuary cities for disobeying federal immigration laws and deter illegal immigrants from re-entering the country unlawfully. At present, there are approximately 340 localities that refuse to cooperate with federal immigration authorities. Over just a nine month period in 2014, sanctuary cities released 9,295 criminal aliens that were being sought by ICE, many of whom were violent and dangerous. A large percentage of these criminals were subsequently caught committing more crimes. This bill would punish these local jurisdictions by cutting off a couple of federal law enforcement grants administered by the Department of Justice as well as access to community development block grants (CDBGs) doled out by HUD. Those funds would then be redistributed to the local jurisdictions that cooperate with federal immigration officials as required by law (8 U.S.C. - 1373). Further, in response to the growing epidemic of criminal aliens re-entering the country multiple times after being deported, this bill prescribes mandatory minimum sentencing for illegal re-entrants. The Constitution vests the federal government with broad power over immigration in order to protect our sovereignty as a nation and prevent individual states from endangering the rest of the country with invidious open border policies. At a time when this administration is punishing states like Arizona for following federal immigration law, it's high time Congress force them to punish localities that thwart this federal power. It should be noted, however, that given Obama's new 'sanctuary nation' policy whereby his administration has prohibited ICE from issuing detainers on most illegal aliens housed in local prisons, this bill does not absolve Congress from defunding Obama's illegal amnesty on a national level, which is upstream from the problem of sanctuary cities. VIEW ALL MEMBERS' VOTES
0 0 10/20/2015
Fund Planned Parenthood and Obama's Priorities
Republicans took back the Senate last fall with the premise of stopping Obama by using their Constitutional right of the power of the purse to defund key parts of Obama's agenda. Over the 2015 summer an undercover group released numerous videos depicting Planned Parenthood engaging in the sale and harvest of organs of aborted babies. Conservatives responded with calls to halt federal funds to private organizations like Planned Parenthood that engage in this behavior. Additionally conservatives called on Congress to with hold funding for President Obama's disastrous Iran deal, which puts America and her allies at risk, and to continue efforts to defund Obama's executive amnesty. This vote was on final passage of a spending bill that fully funds Obama's priorities, including abortion, until December 11, 2015. Between now and December 11th, Planned Parenthood is estimated to commit 70,000 abortions. Preceding this vote, Republicans engaged in a series of show votes to give the appearance of fighting against public funding of abortion, however this vote was the critical vote in the Senate to cut off those federal funds. From a spending and budget perspective this spending bill maintains the excessive burn rate of taxpayer dollars and lacks any spending reforms. VIEW ALL MEMBERS' VOTES
1 0 9/30/2015
Obamatrade -- Fast Track Authority for TPP
This vote was to advance the procedural provision known as Trade Promotion Authority (TPA). TPA grants a special fast-track status to trade deals negotiated by the president and as such has been dubbed Obamatrade. While conservatives generally support trade agreements as important tools for lowering tariffs and trade barriers, and TPA is often needed in order to effectively negotiate with other countries, this particular TPA was problematic for a number of reasons. Typically, a TPA is passed at the beginning of negotiation cycles so that Congress directs the president to negotiate along specific parameters. In this case, the three primary treaties that would receive fast-track status under this TPA have already been negotiated in secret for years. There is no reason to pass fast track authority without releasing more details about these trade agreements to the public. Moreover, given this president’s penchant for implementing major policies without Congress, there was a widespread fear that Obama would use these trade agreements to pursue liberal policies, such as changes to our immigration system, labor laws, and global warming regulations. For example, according to WikiLeaks, one of the impending trade deals – the Trade in Service Agreement (TISA) – contains an entire immigration section, including a provision prohibiting US authorities from conducting in-person interviews for certain visa categories. Additionally, the main trade deal – the Trans Pacific Partnership – contains a “living agreement” provision, which could enable Obama to expand the scope of the agreement during the final months of his presidency or add countries like China to the agreement. Finally, GOP Leadership negotiated a deal to advance Trade Promotion Authority and in exchange for Democrat votes, promised to renew the crony capitalist Export-Import Bank and a failed government handout program known as Trade Adjustment Assistance, a subsidy bailout for labor unions. VIEW ALL MEMBERS' VOTES
1 0 6/23/2015
Support Loretta Lynch Nomination
This vote supported the nomination of Loretta Lynch as Attorney General by advancing her nomination to final passage. While presidents are generally afforded the courtesy of nominating those who share their political views, their political appointees must uphold the rule of law. Lynch was chosen at a time when Obama announced an unconstitutional executive amnesty for illegal immigrants. During the confirmation hearings, Lynch, who will become the chief law enforcement officer, agreed with Obama’s decision to thwart the constitutional separation of powers and to not enforce immigration law. Lynch also expressed the extreme view that everyone has the “right and obligation” to a job in the United States regardless of being an illegal immigrant. VIEW ALL MEMBERS' VOTES
1 0 4/23/2015
$500 Billion Healthcare Bill
This vote was on H.R. 2, the Medicare Access and Chip Reauthorization Act which is expected to increase the nation's debt by $500 billion over the next 20 years. This bill was cobbled together in a backroom deal by Speaker Boehner and Minority Leader Pelosi. Overall H.R. 2 is a massive health care spending bill that replaces the existing Medicare payment system for health care providers, known as the Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR), with a new bureaucratic pay scheme that would automatically increase reimbursements every year. Although everyone agrees that the SGR was a flawed system, this bill merely replaced one top-down bureaucratic price-control system with a new one, albeit with a more generous reimbursement rate and no way to pay for the increased spending. With this bill Congress failed to address the underlying problems in healthcare entitlements and in true back room deal fashion, included several extraneous provisions designed to buy votes. VIEW ALL MEMBERS' VOTES
1 0 4/15/2015
Fully Fund Obama’s Executive Amnesty
While considering HR 240, the FY 2015 Department of Homeland Security funding bill, in the Senate, newly elected Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) worked with Democrats and liberal Republicans to re-instate funding for Obama’s executive amnesty. Despite promises from Senate Republicans during the 2014 midterm campaign to stand up to President Obama, HR 240 would fully fund Obama’s fall 2014 unconstitutional executive amnesty. This vote is on final passage of HR 240 and is the last opportunity for Republican’s to stop funding for full implementation of President Obama’s illegal executive amnesty for the remainder of the year. VIEW ALL MEMBERS' VOTES
1 0 2/27/2015
Approve Keystone XL Pipeline
This bill would grant TransCanada immediate authority to begin constructing and operating the Keystone Pipeline, thereby circumventing all of the bureaucratic tape and stonewalling the Obama administration has created for years. If there was ever a slam dunk positive initiative for the American economy, it is the Keystone pipeline. Completion of the 1,200 mile pipeline will create thousands of jobs, increase our energy output, and lower the price of oil and energy across the board for consumers. Moreover, pipelines are the most environmental friendly means of transporting oil, much cheaper and safer than transport by ship. VIEW ALL MEMBERS' VOTES
0 0 1/30/2015