5 thoughts on the Kavanaugh hearing

· September 28, 2018  
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Christine Blasey Ford at hearing
Melina Mara/The Washington Post | Getty Images

My big-picture thoughts on what we witnessed on Thursday.

1) It was a tale of two testimonies. The best of times and the worst of times for both sides of the argument.

I think both witnesses mostly did what they set out to do. Christine Ford established herself as reasonably credible and sympathetic to most people. My wife counsels the abused (physically and sexually). I’ve been abused (physically, not sexually). That experience teaches me that a lying sociopath making it all up is slicker and more rehearsed than Ford came across. Meanwhile, Brett Kavanaugh clearly showed the defiance and courage of conviction that a man who believes/knows he’s falsely accused should, with his life’s work and reputation at stake. If you want to know more about why I came to these conclusions, watch Thursday’s episode of the Steve Deace Show, as we analyzed their testimonies in real time on the air.

2) Both, however, still left holes in their testimony that each side will seize upon.

For Ford, reasonable people can show her enough grace not to expect her to know every single detail of a trauma that happened 36 years ago. As an abuse survivor myself, I can remember in great detail the abuses, but not so much the ancillary details. However, not to know how she got home from that event is a major detail. It then becomes fair to ask if she’s hiding that information. If so, why? Could it be the reason why she doesn’t recall it is because she has the wrong time, place, and/or person?

On Kavanaugh’s side, the exchange with Senator Durbin, when he fell silent when asked point-blank whether he would request that the FBI investigate these new allegations/witnesses was the only time he was really on the defensive. I also think, as much as I dislike Durbin, it’s a fair point. Here’s why. If the shoe were on the other foot, and Democrats tried to enter into hearing sworn affidavits of witnesses to undermine our key witness, without calling them to testify and be cross-examined, we would rightfully lose it. Not to mention, if those witnesses contradicting Ford are credible, it would certainly help Kavanaugh’s case for the country to see that. Yes, I understand this is more than likely a Democrat stall tactic to kick the can down the road to the FBI to run out the clock till November, but my larger point still stands.

3) I know Lindsey Graham, after decades of back-stabbing, will now become a conservative media folk hero following his outburst, because that’s how desperate we are for any Republican to show an ounce of outrage at the outrageous. However, his getting bent out of shape that his Democrat buddies didn’t return his favor of voting for leftists like Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan, who are further weaponizing the high court against our God-given rights, pretty much tell us why we’re here. While Republicans like Graham were honoring tradition, decorum, and process, leftist iconoclasts were busy tearing down everything worth honoring. Graham should not be absolved of his role in enabling the invasion by cultural Marxists simply because of one Al Pacino in “And Justice for All” rant for the cameras.

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4) If there was a surprise, other than Kavanaugh throwing off the shackles of his previous Rove-ian milquetoast to defend himself with vigor, it was that Ford let it be known that she was basically a political pawn. That she truly was hesitant about coming forward, torn between the truth she believes that she thinks needed to be heard and her desire not to subject her family to the sad circus we’ve all been subjected to this past week. That essentially the Democrat-friendly media and activists (but I repeat myself) forced her hand, and then from there, the “Red Shoe Diaries” stepped over her and overshadowed her allegation, probably to create enough public shame that it would force Kavanaugh to withdraw his nomination.

This became further evident under questioning by the GOP’s appointed prosecutor, who was trying to connect the dots that Ford’s story was at the center of a Democrat plan to ruin Kavanaugh’s confirmation. However, Ford wasn’t privy to several details along those lines and even appeared to learn some of the details of how her story came to light for the first time during the hearing.

5) Finally, I disagree with those who talk about how unfortunate this all was, how sad a day it was for the Senate and the country to be subjected to this. On the contrary: It’s time for the American people to see how the sausage is made.

We must get out from behind tribalism, talking points, and willful ignorance and instead see what really has become of our politics. Dr. Ford came across to me as someone who suffered a trauma she’s struggled to reconcile, but setting that aside, there is an element of the American Left that believes so much in its ideological superiority, it is permitted to do whatever it wants to those who would dare disagree.

Most Americans know this, which is why there are more Republicans in elected office right now than at any point since before the Great Depression. Lord knows that’s not because Team GOP is out there keeping promises, but because mainstream America has revolted against this element on the American Left.

But they don’t fully know. Now, if they’ve been paying attention this week, they do.

I think you saw this in Dianne Feinstein’s body language after getting the first crack at Kavanaugh. Her handling of this matter is likely the number one reason we’re here today, and her body language and tone revealed some sympathy for Kavanaugh’s plight, even though intraparty politics would forbid her to actually say so.

In addition, these squishy Republicans, who for years thought we were the crazies and the Democrats their buddies, can no longer feign ignorance here. They have been put on notice of the rising Marxist tide within the Democrat Party. They have witnessed it firsthand. Therefore, they are now without excuse for not doing their damned jobs.

Author: Steve Deace

Steve Deace is broadcast nationally every day on BlazeTV. He is the author of the book “Truth Bombs: Confronting the Lies Conservatives Believe (To Our Own Demise).”