Allie Stuckey: If the government shuts down, blame the Democrats!

· January 15, 2018  
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Allie Stuckey on Cavuto 1-15-2018
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Monday afternoon on Neil Cavuto’s program on Fox News, CRTV host Allie Stuckey gave voice to a simple truth: If the government shuts down at the end of the week, it’ll be the Democrats’ fault.

Congress needs to pass a spending bill by Friday, but negotiations over a deal to shield DACA recipients from deportation are complicating matters, with Democrats refusing to support a government funding bill as long as the legal status of so-called “dreamers” remains in limbo.

“What’s going to happen afterwards is you’re gonna see a lot of blame shifting like you’re seeing right now,” Stuckey said.

“But the fact of the matter is is that Democrats are asking for amnesty, not just for these 800,000 people that are covered by DACA, but almost two million illegal immigrants, and that’s just not going to happen. That’s why I think it truly is Democrats’ fault if the government does shut down.”

“I think that would help Republicans in the midterms, so we’ll see what happens,” she added.

Right on. But there’s not much reason to think that Congress won’t put together — at the last minute — a short-term continuing resolution to keep the government open. No spending cuts. No new bills. Just Swamp status quo.

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