American August: Trump should have the Senate cancel August recess to reinforce immigration laws

· July 19, 2019  
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President Donald Trump
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Congress is in session for parts of 11 months of the year. Every day of every month so far this year has been hyper-focused on the wants of foreign nationals invading our border. It’s time to add the twelfth month to the calendar: Abolish the August recess and dedicate that month exclusively to the needs of all American citizens in securing the border and ending alien crime in this country. One month out of 12 is not too much to ask; nor is finally fulfilling forsaken promises to the American people on the border and actually enforcing existing law.

How could Congress in good conscience go on recess for August while one million illegal immigrants, with many violent criminals among them, are coming to our border, endangering Americans, fleecing our communities, exposing us to health risks, and empowering drug cartels, human smugglers, and sex trafficking? Every other month is now dedicated to some niche identity group or behavior. Let’s have August dedicated to the sovereign American citizen.

President Trump should call on at least the Republican-controlled Senate to stay in session for the entire month of August and work overtime and on weekends. He should threaten to use his authority under Article II, section 3 of the Constitution to reconvene Congress if it chooses to adjourn. Why should these members get to spend the month partying on vacations disguised as fact-finding missions on the public dime – fiddling as our border burns?

The president has a bully pulpit like nobody else. He has inherent executive and delegated authority on immigration. He has the veto pen to wield over the upcoming budget bill, and he has the singular ability to tip the balance of congressional primaries among GOP voters. He must use all of them together in the coming days, and that begins with calling Congress into session for August.

Each day, the Senate should hold hearings and press legislation dealing with one aspect of victims of criminal aliens or Border Patrol and ICE agents beleaguered by lawlessness. Rather than Republicans following the Democrat lead and focusing on desires of the illegal invaders, they should make Democrats focus on their constituents. The overall theme would be to enforce and reinforce current immigration laws and prior promises made to the American people.  Examples:

All of these ideas have broadly been promised to the American people for years, and many of them are still the law of the land, often passed by large majorities. They would showcase the stories of law enforcement and victims of crime rather than stories of lawbreakers and their enablers.

A relentless focus on these slam-dunk issues with the public would properly prep the battlefield for September and put the Democrats on defense in preparation for the budget fight. The polling is already all on the side of sovereignty, even without voices in the political class speaking for the forgotten American taxpayer.

Plus, the president should tweet out stories every day that are missed by the media, Congress, and the DHS about illegal alien crime and all the harm it is causing Americans.

Then, once Labor Day rolls around, the president should make a list of red lines in policies and funding priorities that absolutely must be included in the budget for the new fiscal year beginning October 1. They will include more funding for ICE detention space and deportation, more funding for dogs, boats, and horses for Border Patrol to hold the line, and more funding for the military to actually combat the cartels at the border. It would also include policy changes and laws stiffening penalties for those who hamper ICE’s mission, including criminal sanctuary cities.

Concurrent with this effort, the president should begin actually enforcing most of these goals, which are laws on the books that simply need to be followed. He can also begin endorsing more conservative candidates in open seats and making it clear that rather than backing the Swamp incumbents, he is open to supporting challengers. This will change the tune of the aimless enablers in the GOP conference quite rapidly.

In 2016, the GOP adopted a platform stating emphatically that “America’s immigration policy must serve the national interest of the United States and the interests of American workers must be protected over the claims of foreign nationals seeking the same jobs.” The platform adopted by the delegates of the party at the convention in Cleveland declared, “We stand with the victims of [Obama’s] policies, especially the families of murdered innocents. Illegal immigration endangers everyone, exploits the taxpayers, and insults all who aspire to enter America legally.”

Two and a half years into this term – with Republicans doing nothing but helping Democrats encourage illegal immigration beyond anything imagined in 2016 – the time to fulfill that promise is now.

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Author: Daniel Horowitz

Daniel Horowitz is a senior editor of Conservative Review. Follow him on Twitter @RMConservative.