More Americans killed by illegal alien DUI epidemic as open-borders shill Elizabeth Warren decries ‘traffic violence’

· November 18, 2019  
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Sunday was World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims. No, I don’t have it marked on my calendar. I know this from the Democrat presidential front-runner Elizabeth Warren. But her anarchist policies would ensure there are thousands more American victims of drunk driving every year.

Yesterday, Warren tweeted about remembering victims of “traffic violence.”

I commend her for recognizing the inherent danger and violence in people misusing several thousand pounds of steel at high speeds. Drunk and reckless driving is truly devastating, as drunk driving alone kills 11,000 people annually in the U.S., cutting down many in the prime of their lives.

What Warren failed to mention, however, is that her immigration and criminal justice policies will ensure that not only fewer American drunk drivers are deterred and punished, but that we will import and harbor ever more drunk drivers as well.

On Friday, I reported on two tragic DUI manslaughters that were allegedly committed by illegal aliens who had previous encounters with police and could have been removed, thereby making these homicides 100 percent preventable. One victim, Samuel W. Jackson of Norristown, Penn., was a Vietnam War veteran and was killed just hours before Veterans Day 2019. Here’s another tragedy from that very same day, November 10.

Hailey and Stephen Wagner, along with Ethan Michael Handly, 15, were traveling in a Dodge van driven by their grandma, Marjory Howell Wagner Regan, 65, in Smithfield, N.C., on Sunday. In an instant, the lives of Marjory and Ethan were brought to a violent end when an allegedly drunk-driving illegal alien travelling 90 mph hit their van from behind when it was stopped at a red light.

Marjory was an army veteran and was allegedly killed by Felix Antonio Juarez-Antunez about 90 minutes before the start of Veterans Day. Hailey and Steven, Regan’s grandchildren, were seriously injured in the crash. The family set up a GoFundMe page to pay for the funeral and medical expenses.

ICE currently has a detainer on Juarez-Antunez, a Honduran national, who is being held at the Johnston County Jail on $350,000 bond.

According to a DHS official familiar with his record, Juarez-Antunez was charged in 2008 with hit-and-run in Smithfield and again in May 2010 with assault with a deadly weapon and resisting arrest. In June 2011, he was arrested for larceny and eventually charged and convicted for resisting arrest. He was ordered removed in November 2011 and was deported again in 2013 after he was caught re-entering by Border Patrol.

But here’s the kicker: in May 2015, he was arrested for driving without a license. “Yet, despite having twice re-entered illegally and his extensive rap sheet, he was not considered a priority for enforcement and was let go by the Obama administration,” said the DHS official who spoke anonymously because he was not authorized to speak to the media.

Here we have four people killed in three separate incidents in three states just on November 10. These are just the cases I’ve seen from listeners of my podcast who email me stories. God knows how many Americans are killed every day in all 50 states by illegal aliens who should never have been here and who could have been deported. California alone takes the cake.

Illegal alien DUIs are prevalentJust in one year of apprehensions with very limited resources, ICE arrested a pool of aliens who together racked up 80,730 DUIs, not including over 76,000 other driving offenses. A 2010 report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) found that Hispanics are “less likely” to believe that driving while intoxicated is a “safety problem” or that they will be caught in the act. Also, the Texas Department of Transportation reported that “10,607 Latino drivers were involved in alcohol-related crashes in 2009, and the nearly 200 that died represent 31 percent of all DWI driver fatalities in the state.”

An April 2010 NHTSA report addressing the problem of drunk driving among Hispanics noted that “many in the Latino community have not absorbed the message that drinking and driving is dangerous.” They report that “research has shown that Latino adolescents are at a greater risk of driving after drinking and are nearly twice as likely to ride with drinking drivers than non-Latinos.” Another report noted, “In 2002, motor vehicle traffic crashes were the leading cause of death for Latinos age 3 to 8, 11, 14 to 34, and 37.” Yet another report states that in 2009, “nearly one third” of those killed in alcohol-related crashes in Colorado were Hispanic. At the time, Hispanics composed less than 20 percent of the state’s population. The only demographic with a higher rate of drunk driving, according to NHTSA reports, is Native Americans.

According to a May 2006 NHTSA report, 42 percent of all Latino drivers fatally injured in car accidents had a blood alcohol content (BAC) level over 0.08 g/dL, as compared to just 29 percent of white drivers and 31 percent of black drivers. One 2016 study (Romano et al.) found, “Compared with permanent residents, undocumented drivers are more likely to binge drink, less likely to understand DUI laws, and less likely to perceive the risks associated with DUI – three factors largely associated with high DUI rates.”

If Elizabeth Warren had her way, every illegal alien would have a license, and even more of those who don’t would not fear driving and getting deported. Can you imagine how many more DUI fatalities would occur under her laws?

In addition, Warren supports jailbreak policies that abolish bail and incarceration, which will ensure even repeat offenders caught with DUIs are never punished and that criminal alien offenders, such as Heriberto Perez-Velasquez in Wayne County, New York, will be released to kill others in DUI incidents before ICE can apprehend them. These are thousands of guaranteed deaths from traffic violence every year that will result from her policies.

And again from North Carolina, former Rep. Sue Myrick once introduced a bill named after Scott Gardner, a North Carolina man who was killed in 2005 by an illegal alien drunk driver from Mexico who had two prior DUIs and a license revocation but was not deported. It would mandate ICE apprehensions of every illegal alien drunk driver and make two DUIs deportable for even legal immigrants. I’m assuming Elizabeth Warren, in commemoration of victims of traffic violence, will introduce the Senate companion to this bill, right? After all, as we suffer from domestic drunk drivers we unfortunately must deal with, do we really need to import and harbor some of the world’s population most prone most to “traffic violence”?

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Author: Daniel Horowitz

Daniel Horowitz is a senior editor of Conservative Review. Follow him on Twitter @RMConservative.