Baltimore cop killer shows the dangers of criminal justice ‘reform’

· May 23, 2018  
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The Willie Horton jailbreak agenda is back in style. Michael Dukakis was just ahead of his time. The interests are so strong and one-sided that Steve King and Bill Huizenga were the only two Republicans in the entire House willing to publicly vote against the jailbreak bill. The bill passed under expedited procedures with no CBO score and without any member reading the updated bill. I know of some others who are hoping Sen. Tom Cotton defeats the bill in the Senate, but this should give you a sense of how bankrupt this phony party and phony movement truly are.

What every monied interest on the pseudo-conservative side of the D.C. oligarchy is promoting in terms of “criminal justice reform” has already been tried in leftist states like Maryland – with deadly consequences.

On Monday, Amy Caprio, a Baltimore County police officer, was killed when a 16-year-old burglar allegedly ran her over while she was responding to the report of the burglary in the Perry Hall community of Baltimore County. Four teenagers were arrested in connection with the crime, and Dawnta Harris, the suspect who drove the vehicle, is being charged with first-degree murder as an adult.

Here’s the problem: Almost all juveniles who kill have long rap sheets that should have led to their incarceration long ago, but thanks to the “avoid jail time for juvis at all costs” movement codified into Maryland law, this monster was out on the streets despite his recent criminal record. The circuit judge stated at the bond hearing that Harris “in the last six months, is a one-man crime wave,” and that “I’m not sure any facility is secure enough to hold him.”

Now, you might be wondering, if this kid was a one-man crime wave for the past six months, how was he out on the streets? Well, despite the promises from the jailbreak proponents to only avoid incarceration for “violent” criminals, they don’t include burglary in that designation. Here are the details from WBAL:

At the time of the killing of Caprio, Harris was AWOL from house arrest in a juvenile system in Baltimore. He has been arrested four times involving car theft over about five months. He’s accused of stealing a car while in a program in Montgomery County in March. […]

Sources tell I-Team lead investigative reporter Jayne Miller that Harris has a record of car theft in the juvenile system.

Yes, Montgomery County is a socialist jurisdiction within a socialist state. This is a state where the Koch-Soros axis has been successful in keeping violent juveniles who terrorize neighborhoods on the streets at all costs. I live in a different part of Baltimore County that has also been ravaged by carjackings and burglaries. The story is always the same. The cops do a good job catching the perpetrators, but the bipartisan “reform” laws set them free, no matter the extent of their criminal record.

The other three suspects in the case were charged as adults for burglary, but it is quite likely that without the high-profile murder of a cop by their accomplice, this would have been another catch-and-release case funneled through the broken juvenile system.

Republicans are bleeding votes in the suburbs, and rather than creating a national movement to get tougher on juvenile criminals destroying people’s lives, they are clamoring to implement the Baltimore blueprint on the federal level. Yesterday, the House passed the jailbreak bill that will cut sentences for criminals almost in half through an amalgamation of multiple early release programs. One of the programs allows criminals to serve out as much as two and a half years of a ten-year sentence in “home confinement.” The bill has an ambiguous and open-ended definition of home confinement, and the prisoners are allowed to leave for ill-defined “productive activities.” Hardened federal criminals will be able to leave without ever breaking the terms of incarceration. And you can imagine what a Democrat administration would do with a provision like this.

But it gets worse. Now that this bill moves to the more liberal Senate, the bipartisan Michael Dukakis legacy caucus is already champing at the bit to merge this bill with the sentencing reduction legislation, S. 1917. The bill not only reduces mandatory minimum laws, such as “three strikes and you’re out,” it offers existing violent and hardened federal prisoners, including gun felons, multiple opportunities for early release. It further loosens laws for juveniles serving time in federal prison for the worst crimes (most often MS-13 members) and allows judges to seal and expunge criminal records for many juveniles.

Think about that. You can have Baltimore-style gangsters who are on par with the MS-13 “animals” before they turn 18, but the minute they turn 18, their entire record is expunged and they start anew with the first crime they commit.

The American people should not have to pay for what is essentially a Democrat voter registration drive, buoyed by GOP support, with their own blood.

As this bill heads to the Senate, someone needs to wake the president up from his slumber and remind him of his own warning at the 2016 NRA convention against these exact policies supported by Obama and Clinton concerning the same prison populations:

Obama is even releasing violent criminals from the jails, including drug dealers, and those with gun crimes. And they’re being let go by the thousands. By the thousands. … Obama pushed for changes to sentencing laws that released thousands of dangerous, drug-trafficking felons and gang members who prey on civilians. … This is Hillary Clinton’s agenda, too — to release the violent criminals from jail. She wants them all released. She wants people released that you wouldn’t want to walk on the street with, you wouldn’t want to look at.

Indeed, Mr. President, we don’t want them walking the street. You have always been right about this issue – the criminal justice system is too compassionate for the criminal and too harsh on the victim.

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Author: Daniel Horowitz

Daniel Horowitz is a senior editor of Conservative Review. Follow him on Twitter @RMConservative.