Bibi exposes Iran’s nuclear lies: 5 biggest takeaways

· April 30, 2018  
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Iran nukes
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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed to the world Monday that the Iranian regime has been clandestinely advancing its nuclear weapons program for decades and has lied about its development. Netanyahu claimed that Israeli intelligence agents smuggled hundreds of thousands of documents from Iran’s capital city of Tehran back to Israel, unveiling the evidence for the world to see Monday afternoon.

Here are the biggest takeaways from the Israeli prime minister’s presentation on the Iranian regime’s activities:

1) Iran lied about its nuclear weapons program
Iran’s official position is that there is a fatwa against nuclear weapons development. Virtually all of its highest-ranking officials have sworn publicly that Iran has no interest in — and is prohibited from — developing nuclear weapons.

Netanyahu showed that Iran indeed had plans, and continues to plan, to one day fit a nuclear warhead to an intercontinental ballistic missile.

“Iran lied about never having a nuclear weapons program … 100,000 files prove that they lied,” Netanyahu stated.

The Israeli prime minister presented a mountain of what he described as primary source, original documents, showing that there are in fact directives from the very top to build nukes.

2) The nuclear deal is based on lies
As part of the nuclear deal, Iran was supposed to tell the truth about the PMD (possible military dimensions) aspect of its nuclear program. Netanyahu exposed that the regime simply changed the name of the nuclear development operation but has never stopped attempting to attain its ultimate goal, which is to fit several warheads to ballistic missiles.

3) Israel stole extremely sensitive documents from the heart of the Iranian regime
By pulling off what appears to be the heist of the 21st century, Israel has proven that it still maintains a second-to-none intelligence agency in the Mossad, Israel’s equivalent of the CIA.

Israeli agents were somehow able to steal a truckload of documents from what was likely a high-security facility, located in the capital of Iran. The unbelievable operation will surely have the added bonus for Israel of inducing widespread paranoia from within the ranks of the regime.

4) The Iran nuclear deal is on life support
The Iran nuclear deal has failed to provide measures to stop the regime from striving toward developing a nuclear bomb. In fact, it has insulated Iran from international criticism and allows the unleashed regime to spread terror and chaos throughout the world. President Trump has until May 12 to decide whether to stay in the deal, agree to a fix, or leave it altogether.

We can’t get back what was already lost as a result of the deal, but leaving it can at least stop the bleeding. The Iranian regime took the Obama administration and the international community for one heck of a ride. In exchange for a promise, the regime secured billions of dollars in unfrozen assets and ransom payments and never really had to stop building up the military dimensions of its nuclear program. There are also no verifiable inspection mechanisms in place.

5) We must recalibrate U.S. strategy in order to stop Iran’s battlefield advances
The Iranian regime, motivated by its revolutionary Shiite ideology, is hell-bent on a quest to establish a secure foothold in Syria so that it can dominate the Middle East and complete its unimpeded land bridge to its Hezbollah proxy that rules Lebanon. Iran is also fueling the civil war in Yemen, while financing and aiding attempted revolutions in the states of Gulf allies.

We now know without a doubt that Iran is also on a quest to acquire nuclear weapons sooner rather than later. A nuclear-powered Iranian regime would bring even more death and chaos to the battlefields of the Middle East and the world as a whole, while insulating the mullahs who rule Tehran.

Just as ISIS wants to install its Sunni caliphate, the Iranian regime will stop at nothing to proceed with its “divine” quest to expand its ideology through the Shiite caliphate. Israel may not be able to stop Iran’s advances on its own. In the days ahead, President Trump can deliver a firm message to the Iranian regime that we will never allow them to acquire nuclear weapons and will act to stop them if we have to.

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Author: Jordan Schachtel

Jordan Schachtel is the national security correspondent for Conservative Review and editor of The Dossier for Blaze Media. Follow him on Twitter @JordanSchachtel.