Brian Stelter and the case of the (not really) missing Melania

· June 4, 2018  
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Brian Stelter holding the book Fire and Fury Inside the Trump White House
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Concern trolling …

Where is she … On Sunday, CNN media critic/cheerleader Brian Stelter acted very concerned about whether or not first lady Melania Trump is safe, as she has not been seen publicly since May 10.  As a reminder, Mrs. Trump had kidney surgery on May 14. Nevertheless, Stelter decided to dedicate both air time and a large portion of his newsletter to the “controversy.”

When confronted with the fact that a reporter had seen the first lady in the West Wing of the White House just last week, Stelter claimed the “segment was about the last time she was seen in public.” In that same tweet, Stelter let us in on his concern trolling. Stelter concluded“imagine how you’d feel if a different First Lady wasn’t seen in public for 3+ weeks.”

I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t really feel anything, since nobody elects the first lady and we all knew about her surgery. Plus she’s doing an event tonight for Gold Star families.

Oh wait, but Stelter had a response for that too. In his newsletter, Stelter wrote, “The event is closed to the press, so Monday evening may not resolve the mystery / concern / speculation…”

Stelter also fell back on his favorite trope; he’s not actually concerned, you see, he’s just asking questions.

“Melania-Truther” … The folks at Twitchy have more on the Stelter story and how he was called out by folks on Twitter. It wasn’t even close. Stelter was very much wrecked by the facts. Rating: Bananas.

Dictator Trump? … Is it a new line of attack on President Donald Trump or just a rehashing of an old one? Over the past few days, there has been increasing chatter about how much Trump reminds people of a dictator.

John Brennan wrote an op-ed over the weekend saying that Trump acts like a foreign strongman in the way he attacks the media and lies. On Saturday’s “AM Joy” with Joy Reid, a panel discussed how “Donald Trump believes in autocracy.”

This focus isn’t coincidental. This is how the media works.

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Scope …

Cake baking … Today, the Supreme Court ruled 7-2 for the baker and against the government of Colorado (pdf) in Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission. The media is calling the decision “narrow,” and that has some conservatives screaming bias because of the number of justices ruling in favor of the baker. It’s not bias; in this case it is the truth.

The word “narrow” doesn’t refer to the number of justices on each side of the decision; it describes the scope of the ruling. Conservative Review’s Chris Pandolfo has the details on how this isn’t the broad-based ruling First Amendment advocates were looking for.

Toobin’s take … Despite the fact that this ruling was so narrow that even the ACLU is cheering it, CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin was on air after the ruling came down warning that SCOTUS has just opened the door back up to discrimination against gay people. Here, watch. Despite a preponderance of analysts commenting on how narrow this ruling is, Toobin is right here with a completely different hot take.

Joy Reid apologizes … On Friday, in between the time this newsletter was edited and I hit send, Joy Reid issued an apology for her past blog posts. The apology made no mention of previous attempts to say her past blog posts were due to “hacking,” for which she and MSNBC reportedly got the FBI involved.

In a related bit of news, The Federalist’s Rich Cromwell has a confession to make. You see he’s “the time-travelling hacker who is destroying Joy Reid.” That’s hilarious. I’ll be on CRTV’s Steve Deace Show this evening to talk about the whole ordeal.

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Author: Rob Eno

Rob Eno is the editor of Blaze Media’s WTF MSM!? newsletter.