CNN PROVES they’re the Clinton News Network

· October 25, 2017  
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Running cover …

Obfuscation is the norm at CNN … Yesterday was quite the news day with Jeff Flake announcing his retirement and the WaPo blockbuster about the DNC and the Clinton campaign paying for the Trump dossier. But before that, House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes announced a probe into the Russian Uranium One deal. Forced to cover it in a substantive way, CNN ran cover for Clinton.That included Dana Bash, who left out key facts about recent reporting by The Hill ­– not exactly a member of the “vast right-wing conspiracy” – breaking new ground on the story. I took Bash to task yesterday.

Less than 24 hours later, dossier news forgotten … After the Washington Post broke the news that it was the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s campaign that paid Fusion GPS – through a law firm intermediary – for the Trump dossier used by James Comey to get FISA warrants, CNN has moved on to covering Trump turmoil. Let’s be clear: We found out yesterday that Hillary Clinton and the DNC paid a retired foreign spy to collect intelligence on a political rival. Let that sink in. Meanwhile, CNN goes with this arrangement on its mobile home page this morning.

Jake Tapper deserves some credit … In response to Northeastern University journalism professor Dan Kennedy, Jake Tapper has been trying to set the record straight. This morning, he reminded Kennedy that the foreign spy was not brought on board until it was the Dems and Clinton paying Fusion GPS. It will be worth watching Tapper’s show today to see how much time he devotes to this.

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That’s rich …

Where does Facebook think food comes from? … Over the weekend, Phil Robertson posted a clip from his new CRTV show on Facebook. The video showed “The Duck Commander” preparing a duck for eating. He chopped off a dead duck’s head. Facebook has censored the video for showing “graphic violence or gore.” As Phil said, “Where do these people think food comes from?!”

WaPo fact-checker proves Gillespie’s point … Rising crime in Virginia has been a flashpoint of this year’s gubernatorial campaign in the state. In a debate, Republican candidate Ed Gillespie said that there were 2,000 members of the violent MS-13 gang in Fairfax County alone. In comes the WaPo’s Glenn Kessler to remind us all that it isn’t 2,000 — it’s “much lower” at 1,400 MS-13 members in Fairfax County. Man, people should breathe easier. This seems like a comedy sketch at first glance.

Oh, ESPN … Last year during the Cubs’ World Series run, ESPN forgot that the 2005 World Series Champion White Sox existed.  This year, the ESPN Stats & Info Twitter account tweeted a stat about postseason performance in the Wild Card era that completely left out the White Sox’s impressive 2005 run. Fake news isn’t just a political phenomenon.

They just don’t get it …

The Washington Post’s opinion pages took a swipe at Gen. John Kelly yesterday. Why? Because he said women are sacred. Apparently this “perpetuates the military’s culture of misogyny.” Yes, treating women with respect is disrespectful or something.

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Author: Rob Eno

Rob Eno is the editor of Blaze Media’s WTF MSM!? newsletter.